Best Wacom graphic tablet alternatives

The graphic tablet is one of the most necessary accessories in the graphic artist’s studio. It unusually extends the possibilities of editing photos in a digital darkroom, increasing the precision. In addition, it speeds up work and offers greater ergonomics than a mouse. The complement is functional buttons, gesture support and touch functions. If you plan to purchase a tablet, you had probably come across a company called Wacom. But what about Wacom alternatives? → Continue reading

Graphics Tablet Wacom Intuos is not working – solutions

Recently I had some problems with my graphics tablet – Wacom Intuos 4, and read tons of forum threads to find a solution. I even reached out to Wacom support, but they didn’t know the solution either. Luckily, I managed to fix my problem with Intuos, and decided to create an article with my solution, and gather other pieces of advice that might work for you. → Continue reading

Art challenges every artist should take!

Some practices can be boring, especially if you spend many hours on them to achieve your goal. Yes, drawing takes a lot of time and patience. Sometimes it can be really demotivating and discouraging when you struggle with something, spend the amount of time on training, but don’t see any progress. So, I gathered this list of fun challenges, that not only will help you deal with your art block but will also help you improve the drawing skills.
Check them out! → Continue reading

Art vs Artist Template

Are you wondering what #ArtVsArtist is? You may saw on Facebook/Instagram, or other social media people posting an image of 9 boxes with different artworks and their photo in the middle. It’s a meme that spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations. Below you will find information about #ArtVsArtist’s meaning, how it was created, and examples of #ArtVsArtist meme. → Continue reading

Traditional painting brushes – which one should you use?

Each of the painting techniques requires the selection of the right tool – in this case a brush. The type of bristles from which they are made is of the greatest importance in the selection of brushes. The shape and size is selected individually, depending on the specific work and preferences of the painter. Paintbrushes have a long history, some are made from animal hair, however, lately more and more popular are becoming brushes made of synthetics materials. In this article not only you will find out which brush is the best for oil or acrylic painting, but also what is a painting brush made of. → Continue reading

How to choose graphics tablet


Graphics tablets are a quite new drawing tool that started to compete with traditional media (pencil, paint) more than 10 years ago. At that time, it was just an interesting gadget for geeks, but nowadays, this tool is used and known almost by every graphic designer and illustrator. If you are a beginner digital artist who wants to buy a graphics tablet, in this article you will find pieces of information that explain the parameters you have to pay attention while purchase and therefore will help you to choose the right graphics tablet for yourself. → Continue reading