Arttrober – draw your favorite characters!

Arttrober. No rules, no nonsense, no drama, just have fun drawing together!

Let me introduce to you another great art challenge, which’s goal is to draw a fanart every day, for the whole month of October. And not just any fanarts, but one of the most popular characters from the comic, anime and game genres 🙂

*If you are more oriented towards drawing your own characters, check out the OC-Tober challenge.


What is Arttober?

Arttrober is an art challenge that involves drawing your favorite characters – accordingly to a prompt list.  There’s one prompt for every day of October, so – there are 31 prompts total. The list contains prompts from 3 genres: Anime, Comic and Game.

There are no rules, just have fun drawing together and expand our comfort zone across the Anime/Game/Comic genres.

– The rules of the challenge : “Arttrober. No rules, no nonsense, no drama, just have fun drawing together.”

*Originally, the Arttrober was created by Artgerm as an alternative list for Inktober. Artgerm uses traditional media (Inktober’s main rule is to draw with ink) to draw his Arttrober illustrations.

hashtags: #Arttrober #Arttrober2022


Arttrober Prompt list 2023

Official Prompt lists are created by the artist Artgerm and published across his social media. But it’s not mandatory to follow it – you can create your own list and share it with others, or borrow a list for a different artist. Below you can find a prompt list for 2023 year.
The lists are usually published a few days before October.

Original post @Artgerm

Who created Arttrober?

The challenge was created by Stanley Artgerm™ Lau. He published his own, personal prompt list for 2019 Inktober, and included the #arttrober2019 hashtag for people that want to use his list. The list included characters from anime, comics and games. All of his original Arttrober 2019 artworks were put on sale (+ a few on auction) on his website, and even gathered and published as an artbook.

source: @Artgerm

Shortly after publishing the prompt list in 2019, many artists decided to join. After the Inktober controversy, we can notice that in 2020 Arttrober’s post there are”#arttrober2020 #notinktober” hashtags added to the new Arttrober’s prompt list. The Inktober controversy caused people to look for other art challenges, therefore even more joined Arttrober in next years, and the number of participants is still growing!

Artgerm Official websites:
Twitter: @Artgerm
Instagram: @Artgerm
Youtube: ArtgermStanleyLau

Arttrober Past Prompt list

Here are prompt lists that were published by Artgerm in past years. If you want to see artworks that were created using a certain prompt list, just add a year to the hashtag, e.g. “#arttrober2020“.
By the way, these lists are great inspirations if you want to create your own prompt list.


Arttrober Artworks

In this section, I’ve gathered some illustrations for your inspiration.
It’s the hardest part for me – it probably takes the most time of writing this article, because it’s difficult to pick only a few artworks to show you (there’s so many awesome drawings that I can’t decide which one I should mention!). I’ve added links to the artist’s page, so if you like any certain drawing, please visit the original page and give a thumb up/like to show your appreciation!

If you too like checking out other artists’ artworks, use the hashtag #arttrober on twitter or Instagram to see more amazing fanarts!


Art by @Artgerm

Art by @kishiminaZart


Art by @artworkbyqae


Art by @SakiDesjardins



Art by Ariel Diaz


Art by @DigiFlohw

Art by @Iceztiq

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