List of Best Markers for Glass to write and draw

Are you looking for information about Glass Markers? I’ve gathered the most important info about them in this article and listed the best markers to write on glass. Check them out!


What is a glass marker

Glass Markers are paint markers that are dedicated to be used on glass, windows, and similar surfaces. A large chisel tip creates thin and thick lines.

Under the name”glass marker” you can find various results, so be aware, that looking for such marker, you can find different markers: temporary markers for glass, and permanent markers for glass.


What kind of markers write on glass, and what they are used for?

  • Temporary markers for glass, or washable markers for glass – That are markers that are mostly used on glass whiteboards. This type of markers is perfect for writing on boards while business meetings, writing down ideas, or explaining something to your team.
  • Permanent markers for glass are markers that are used for decorating windows, mirrors, jars, ceramic decoration, drinking glasses, wood and plastic, stones.


How to use a glass marker (Permanent)

When buying a marker, you often receive it with instruction, but sometimes, the instruction is not clear enough about how to properly use the glass pen.

To make marker permanent and more durable on glass and ceramics, often you need to bake it.

The instruction, of course, may vary, but here’s the most common one on how to use the permanent markers.

The instruction:

  • Before you start to draw on your mug, clean the place where you want to paint with rubbing alcohol. Dry it.
  • Draw your design on the mug using a permanent marker.
  •  wait till the marker dries. Leave it for a few hours, or overnight to be sure that it’s completely dry.
  • * you can draw over your design again, if you think that the design is too light, it will also make it more durable. Wait again till it dries.
  • now it’s time for the oven. First, put the mug in the cool oven. Bake it in 365 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.
  • don’t take the mug out of the oven. Leave it until it cools down.
  • Hand-wash the mug instead of using the dishwasher. Also, don’t use sponge while handwashing your mug – it can damage the design.


List of best glass markers – Permanent

So, what are the best markers to use on glass? I will focus here on Permanent Glass Markers.  Some people think, that if a marker has “permanent” in their name, it will indeed stay on any surface, but the truth is, that for painting on glass you need a special kind of markers – and even not all markers for glass are good enough and fade easily, even after baking them. Some of them are hard to get (especially Sharpie oil-based markers), so I added also links to Amazon pages. Check them out!

If you are looking for Temporary/ Erasable glass markers, check out this article: Best Erasable Glass Markers [Windows, Plastic, Mirrors]


Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker

Check out the price

Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers work on virtually any surface – metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, stone, and other surfaces. It resists fading and smearing, dries up in a few minutes, which makes them a good choice for creating scrapbooks, posters, and window art.

They come with 4 different points: Fine Point, Medium Point, Bold Point and Extra-fine point.
This variety in point sizes allows for a very precise decoration.

They come in 15 different colors:

Where you can purchase a Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Marker?

It’s a bit hard to find them, so I gathered below a list with direct links to Amazon. You can get them sometimes also at Walmart, Target and Barnes & Nobles.







!Info: You may encounter on the internet various videos and photos with DIY Mugs, where people used just normal permanent Sharpie marker (not oil-based). However, after cleaning the mugs in a dishwasher (or with a sponge) the designs wash off. Be aware of what Sharpie markers do you purchase, because the standard, permanent markers aren’t suitable for ceramics and glass


Acrylic pen markers ARTISTRO


Check out the price

Artistro Acrylic markers are created for Rock Painting, Ceramic, Porcelain, Glass, Wood, Fabric, Canvas.
Important: After creating your design on ceramic or glass, you need to bake it to make your design permanent. *Also, don’t bake them immediately, let them dry first (for 24 h).

The set featured here has a 12 Acrylic Paint Markers. The markers have Extra fine tip, and their ink is non-toxic and no-odor. The markers are great for customizing mugs and creating personalized presents. Here’s a video created by Artistro showing this set:

There are of course Artistro sets with more or fewer colors and different tips. One of the biggests set is “Set of 42 Acrylic Paint Markers Extra fine Tip

Visit Artistro’s Instagram page: @Artistro.artsupplies
– You can find here amazing artworks created by other artists – mostly Rock paintings. Occasionally, there are art contests and giveaways where you can win Artistro’s products, so better follow their page!

Artistro Markers

By the way, when I was doing research about Artistro markers I found some awesome artworks. I often saw a combination of “Artistro acrylic pens” + “Arteza acrylic paints”/or “Angelus paints”. The results are stunning! Here are some of them:

Please click on the image to go to the source:

by @the_delicate_artist


by Madethart


DecoArt Glass Markers

Check out the price 

Official site:
Glass Paint Marker is available in 14 translucent colors that dry to a glossy finish.

They are designed for glass and glazed ceramics, also can be used on porcelain and metal.






Check out Gina Ahrens video below to see how to use them! * And subscribe to her channel for more art-related content 😉

Have you tried painting on glass with markers?

I hope the pieces of information provided in this article are helpful for you. If you have recently created any art on glass, customized a mug – let me know, I will be happy to check it out 🙂

The article is still in a “work in progress”, and I’m constantly looking for nice glass markers worth recommending. So if you perhaps know any markers, that are not mentioned here, and are indeed permanent on glass and ceramics, let me know in the comments, so I could check them out and add to the list if they are worthy, thanks!



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