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Creatuanary – Perfect way to start a New Year! [2023]

Check out this cool January Art Challenge – Creatuanary! It’s the perfect challenge to boost up your creativity for the new year!

Join the rest of the artists and create a new creature each day of January!


I hope you are! Because I’m going to reveal here everything I found out about Creatuanary – prompt lists, it’s origins, and show some amazing artworks created for this challenge.


What is Creatuanary Art Challenge

Creatuanary is an Art Challenge that takes place in January. Its name is a combination of 2 words “creature” and “January”. The goal of this challenge is to draw creatures, 1 drawing for each day of January, inspired by the prompt list published by its creators (Dibujante Nocturno, Rafater and Joshua Cairós).

The prompt lists are published on its official social pages, such as @creatuanary on Instagram. The prompt list consists of 31 (for each day of January) words/creature names, that serve as inspiration for your drawing.

Official Creatuanary 2023 Prompt List:

In 2020 and 2019 there were “Mystery creatures” – prompts.  These prompts were suggested by the community via poll – you had to vote on the poll published on Creatuanary’s instagram which monster should be selected as the prompt.  The winner becomes the “Mystery creature”.

In 2020 the prompt list was also translated to several languages by the community members: to Russian, French and German, and Spanish.

There are no restrictions to who can join the Creatuanary challenge, every artist is welcome, and you can use any media you need – both traditional and digital.

Creatuanary hashtags: #creatuanary #creatuanary2023 #onedayonecreature #creatuanarychallenge

Official site: Instagram page


Who created Creatuanary?

Creatuanary 2017

Creatuanary was created by Dibujante Nocturno, Rafater and Joshua Cairós. In 2017 they decided to draw a creature per day in January in order to start the year with good artistic vibes. Great challenge if you want to improve your creature designs!

They also published an artbook dedicated to this challenge, that included their artworks and other artist drawings (who agreed to be included in the book). Below you can see photos of this book:

The project was on a crowdfunding, and right now The book is available to purchase on By Publications (unfortunately, it’s exhausted, I don’t know if there will be any copies available in the future).


Creatuanary Prompt Lists (updated 2023)

Here’s Creatuanary 2023 Prompt List (published on Creatuanary’s Instagram). Looks like there will be some crazy artworks!

Creatuanary 2023 Prompt List

Below you can also see Creatuanary prompt lists from the past years (Creatuanary starts on 1st January every year – the list is usually published in December).



Creatuanary Art Challenge Artworks

Below I gathered some amazing artworks created for this challenge! Unfortunately, I can’t include every drawing, so I selected only a few of them.
If you like these artworks, you can click on them to follow the author and check their other projects!


I hope you like these drawings as much as I do!

Are you going to participate in the challenge? Perhaps are you planning to create your own prompt list? Let me know in the comments!

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