Doggust – Draw Dogs Everyday!

Brace yourself for Doggust – the art challenge for dog lovers!

If you are looking for something to draw to brighten your day – what can be a better theme for drawing than dogs?

Dogs in August – in short, Doggust – is an art challenge that isn’t so well known yet, but has loyal followers and gains more participants every year. It was created to celebrate dogs: the best friends of humans, four-legged family members, guides and guardians, who have an important place in our society.

And even if you are not so much fond of dogs, there’s another reason why you might want to participate in it. Precisely, it’s a perfect challenge to learn a little more about dog breeds.

Interested? Then check out the rest of article and Doggust prompt lists ūüôā

Ps. If you are a cat lover, check out this alternative, the art challenge dedicated to drawing cats –¬†Catober.

Art by @Elizardc_Arts


What is Doggust?

Doggust is a month-long art challenge dedicated to drawing dogs. It takes place in August, and its goal is to draw one drawing every day for the whole month, inspired by a prompt list.

Most commonly, the Doggust Prompt Lists consist of different dog breeds, so you have to draw 31 different dog breeds in total.
However, there’s an option of creating your own list or borrowing one from another artist, or drawing only one dog breed/ your pet. The purpose of this challenge is to celebrate dogs, so as long as the main theme is our four-legged friends, it’s acceptable!
If you use the official prompt lists (with dog breeds), they are arranged in a such way, that the dog breeds will not repeat themselves – in the current, nor in the previous prompt lists.

The name of the challenge, Doggust, is a combination of two words – Dog¬†–¬†the main theme,¬† and August – the month in which the challenge takes place.

There are no restrictions to what media you can use while participating in this challenge – you can use any medium you want.

Official sites: Twitter | Instagram

hashtags: #Doggust #DogsInAugust #DoggustPrompts #Doggus2022  #EDCDoggust


Doggust Prompt list 2022

This year Doggust prompt list was put together by  Kaila Elders, and published on Doggust social media pages.


Who created Doggust?

Doggust was created by @Elizardc_Arts  in 2019. She posted the Doggust prompt list on her Twitter page, and many other artists quickly joined the challenge. The challenge gains more and more participants with every year, and almost everyone follows the official prompt list.


Doggust Stickers

While investigating this challenge, I’ve found some adorable animated stickers created for Doggust! They were painted by a Canadian Illustrator – Kaila Elders.¬† I’m in love with these, and not mentioning them here is not an option!
You can find all stickers here: Doggust Stickers


Doggust Past Prompt list

Here are past Doggust prompt lists. As you can see they consist of different dog breeds. But what’s the best about the official prompt lists, is that they are created in a particular way – no dog breed is repeated.
It’s an interesting way to learn about the dog breeds you haven’t heard about yet. There are many breeds listed here I didn’t know myself, and therefore ended up reading Wikipedia pages about them for almost an hour!


Doggust Artworks

And here’s my favorite (and the hardest) part of every art challenge article – checking out other artists’ artworks!
The hardest part about it is that I can’t include every artwork I find. But I leave a direct link to the author’s pages of the listed drawings – so if you like a certain artwork, you can go to the author’s page and check out the rest of his creations.

Anyway, picking only a few drawings that could serve as an example was especially hard because of the topic. I’m more a dog person, and¬†simply can’t stop myself from smiling when I encounter a friendly dog. The bad day instantly got better when I was allowed to pet a stranger’s dog – when their tail starts to wiggle, the world doesn’t seem so cold anymore.

So, I hope that these artworks will inspire you to join Doggust because we need to make this art challenge more popular! ūüôā

by Cloris Creates


by karpfinchen


by Jonathan Wesslund aka Znodden


by Jonathan Wesslund aka Znodden


by Hayley Smith aka paperabrushwith


Art by eyepicturedthis


Art by Jeniak


by Alpha Gamboa

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