DTIYS – Draw this in your style [ART CHALLENGE]

In this article, I will explain what is the Draw this in your style, or simply #dtiys challenge. If you were ever wondering how an artwork might look like if it was drawn by a different artist, then you have to check out this art challenge!

What is DTIYS ( draw this in your style) challenge?

DTIYS means “Draw This In Your Style”. It is an art challenge, where artists draw an already existing artwork, but in their own style.
There are no restrictions regarding tools, you can use both: digital and traditional media, and there’s also no time limit. Also, if you have your own ideas, want to draw the character in a different pose, change colors, you are free to do so.

However, certain rules can be imposed.
Usually, when an artist decides to host the “draw this in your art style” challenge, he/she posts an artwork with the hashtag and explanation – very often including rules (what is allowed and what’s not).
Some rules I spotted are:
– time limit
– color palette (you can use only certain colors)
– no tracing
– entries limit.

Therefore if you decided to participate in a challenge hosted by an artist, be sure to read the artwork’s description.
This challenge can be combined with other art challenges (such as color palette challenge).

While posting your artwork, you can include these hashtags that are associated with Draw this in your style challenge:
hashtags: #dtiys #drawthisinyourstyle #dtiyschallenge #drawthisinyourstylechallenge #drawinyourstyle

*if an artist hosts this challenge, use his/hers hashtag (you can often find it in the Artwork’s description)


Instagram DTIYS

Twitter DTIYS

*There’s a website named – it seems to be a site dedicated originally to the challenge, and later became a small community for artists. While checking out this website, I’ve noticed some drawings that weren’t related strictly dedicated to the “Draw this in your style” challenge. There are also many posts with questions, that engage users and help to get to know each other.


Info about 3d artworks

Despite having “draw” in its name, this art challenge is also known in the 3d community. The difference is that instead of drawing, the character is sculpted in 3d software.

The original art was created by Lord Gris, the 3d sculpture was created by Coldmocha.

Who started Draw this in your style?

The original creator of the Draw this in your style challenge is Marine Vernhes, on 27 May 2018 she posted a challenge to celebrate the hitting 3K. Marine has experience in Character Design and Visual Development. Below you can see the original post


Draw This In Your Style Original Post


and here are some artworks of this illustration by other artists:
Draw This In Your Style challenge artworks

Click on the image to see more of them.

Sailor Moon DTIYS

*UPDATE: You can read more about Sailor Moon Redraw here: What is Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge?

There’s also a modified/very similar challenge to DTIYS. Artworks descriptions often include the DTIYS hashtags. But it’s better known under #SailorMoonRedraw hashtag, and I will describe it in a different article.


Other DTIYS Artworks

My take on DTIYS

Draw This In Your Style RedrawOriginal on the left, on the right the redrawn version

I’ve decided to try this challenge, and redraw one of my friend- Violetta_skarb’s artwork. She creates awesome illustrations and designs that are mostly dedicated for print. Her art style is perfect for this, she also creates many of these illustrations in vector. I was wondering how they would look like if they were created in a different technique, with more shadows.

You can check out the original version here

The redrawn version:

The original:
Draw This In Your Style Challenge

While I was doing a research about this challenge, I spotted many awesome artworks. No wonder why it got so popular, joining it gives you a chance that more people will discover your artworks.

So, here are some of my favorite artworks drew by other artists, I hope you will like them too – please leave a thumb up or a like!

Draw This In Your Style blue girl
Autor: @Kleahvii. Artworks drew by other artists can be found here


Autor: Lyra ReiDraw This in Your Style Lyra Rei


Autor: Janice Sung
Draw This In Your Style Janice Sung



Autor: Angel GanevDraw This In Your Style Angel Ganev


Artwork: LoputynDraw This In Your Style Loputyn

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