Fairyary – February Art Challenge

For those who are looking for a February Art Challenges, here’s a suggestion – the Fairyary!

In this article, I gather pieces of information about the Fairyary Art Challenge – so if you are curious about what it is, or perhaps you want to participate in this challenge, then this article is for you 🙂

What is Fairyary?

Fairyary is an art challenge that was initiated to invite artists to draw more fairies during February.

The word “Fairyary” is a combination of two words – Fairy and February.
The goal of this challenge is to draw one fairy per day for a month.

To help you with this challenge, a prompt list is published every year. It contains themes/keywords that are assigned to days (1 theme per a day) which stand as an inspiration for your artworks.

Below you can see a prompt list for Fairyary 2020

You can create your own prompt list, or use a list created by other artists.

There are no restrictions in regards to what tools you can use. You can paint, draw, sculpt, or if you prefer – even write.

*About Fairies:
You don’t have to stick to the image of a small female woman with butterfly wings. The term “Fairy” is often used in a wider sense, including various similar beings, such as dwarves and elves.
Sometimes fairies are described as assuming the guise of an animal.

For more pieces of information, I recommend you to check out this wikipedia page.

hashtags #fairyary #fairyary2021 (French language: #Féevrier #Féevrier2021 )


Who created Fairyary?

The Fairyary Art Challenge was created by a french artist Laura (nicknames: Pinceau-Arc-en-Ciellaurarcenciel | visit her Tumblr page) in 2018.

The first Prompt list was posted on tumblr, and other sites (deviantart). It was translated into French and Russian languages. Below you can see the prompt list:

*I added also the comment attached to the list on the Deviantart page.


Fairyary Artworks

Here are some artworks created for Fairyary Challenge. Please click on the illustrations to go to the original page – also, you will be able to see there other artworks created by the artists.

I hope that this article explained to you what Fairyary Challenge is, and arose in you a little bit of curiosity about Fairy’s world and mythology. I hope you will join it, can’t wait to see more Fairyary artworks!

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