FEATHER brushes for Procreate [Free and Premium]

Are you in need of Feather brushes for Procreate?
Here you will find a short list of quality brushes that will help you paint – feathers, wings, birds, and other details – faster and more effectively.

The topic of  “feather” brushes came up while I collected other lists: Fur brushes and hair brushes for Procreate. I know how difficult it can be to paint animals’ details and texture (in this case – feathers), so as an additional resource, I’ve created a Pinterest board where you can find a photo collection of birds and feathers.

I hope that the board will be helpful to you and that you will find the right brush that meets your needs!

Quick list –Feather brushes for PROCREATE:

  1. FEATHER Brushes for Procreate by Extremebrushes
  2. Feather brushset by Attki
  3. Creature Brushes and Stamps by 
  4. 60 Wings LineWork Stamps
  5. 30 Feather Brushes by JoannaVuArtAndDesign 
  6. Wing brush by Ludmila Stepanova
  7. Birds brushpack by Di [FREE]
  8. Watercolor Feather Brush Kit for Procreate
  9. 25 Dynamic Feather Brushes by CoolDigiTool
  10. 20 Feathers Brush Procreate by DigitalBrushLybrary
  11. 30 Wings Tattoo BrushSet by TattooDesignStockLTD 
  13. Feather brushes by Eliza arty [FREE]
  14. Ink feathers by DarkinyaStore


List of Procreate FEATHER Brushes

The brushes listed in this article are solely dedicated to Procreate and won’t’ work in other software. However, sometimes there’s an alternative set that can be used in other graphic software – in this case, I add info and links in the brushes’ description.

Also, I try to add some pieces of information about the authors. They often use brushes listed here in their own illustrations or even create tutorials showing us how to use them properly. It’s an excellent opportunity to see these feather brushes in action. If you like any of them, please remember to show the artist some appreciation 🙂


1. FEATHER Brushes for Procreate by Extremebrushes

View brushes (10)

Zipped File Size: 1.6 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

Extremebrushes provides us with a pack of 10 feather brushes that will make the process of painting birds and wings a lot faster.
The pack contains brushes dedicated to drawing the feathers directly on the animal (similarly to painting a fur), rather than brushes imitating single feathers.

The brushes are created by an artist Rodd Lopes, you can check out his other brushes here: @extremebrushes


2. Feather brushset by Attki

View brushes (20)

Free samples: 7 brushes

Zipped File Size: 1.97 MB
Software compatibility: Procreate

Here’s a brush pack with 20 feather brushes created by Attki. These brushes are perfect for adding feathers as details in the background (as you can see in the image above). The feathers are not hyperrealistic. However, the pack will be a great addition to anyone with semi-realistic or manga/comic style.

I listed here a premium pack, but there’s also a free pack with 7 sample brushes.

By the way, you can check out other brushes created by Attki’s and her artworks on the Instagram: @attki_art


3. Creature Brushes and Stamps for Procreate

View brushes (80)

File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate 5

If you are generally looking for brushes that will help you to draw various animals, not just birds, here’s the most suitable pack for you!
Sandra (the author) provides us with brushes that imitate scales, horns, fins, teeth, and other textures in this pack, including the feathers. Unfortunately, it lacks fur brushes (it has only 2 of them), but Sandra created a separate brush pack for fur.

So, the brush pack has 21 different feather brushes, which you can see in the image below:

If you have any questions about these brushes, you can reach Sandra on Etsy or her Instagram: @sandrawintherar


4. 60 Wings LineWork Stamps

View brushes (60)

Software compatibility: Procreate

Okay, I admit it’s not specifically a feather brush pack. However, I find these wing stamps as a great base for painting the wings in your illustrations – and therefore, I added this pack to this list.

Wings aren’t easy to paint (at least for me). Even if the feathers are painted hyper-realistically, but the shape of the wing isn’t correct, the wings will look off. So I hope that these stamps will serve as a template and help you create many fantastic artworks with proportional wings. I recommend this pack, especially if you are a beginner!


5. 30 Feather Brushes – Procreate

View brushes (30)

Software compatibility: Procreate

Ioanna Ladopoulou (aka Joanna Vu) provides us with realistic feather brushes that she uses extensively for her artworks.
There are 15 different feathers, each used both as stamp brush and confetti brush, altogether 30 brushes.

Ioanna runs a Youtube channel and has a blog where she posts many helpful procreate tutorials and the painting process of her artworks. It’s worth checking out:


6. Wing brush in Procreate by Ludmila Stepanova

View brush

Software compatibility: Procreate

That’s not a pack, but a one, unique brush. It allows you to create a hper-realistic wing with just one touch!
The brush was created by Ludmila Stepanova (UI/UX designer), and it’s her signature brush. You can see it in action in the video below:

  • It’s worth mentioning that it’s a part of a bigger brush pack “Animals KIT PROCREATE X5“, where you can find other similar feather brushes created by Ludmila. This certain pack also contains other brushes, like scales, fur and leather. Here’s an example of other wind brushes that you can find in Animal KIT PROCREATE X5

If you like this brush, you should definitely check out Ludmila’s other brushes on Gumroad page.


7. Birds brushpack by Di [FREE]

View brushes (11)

Zipped File Size: 5.38 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

This pack here is perfect for adding nuances in the background, as it includes not only feather brushes (this list’s main topic), but also birds’ silhouettes, which will be ideal for adding details in the sky.

…Are curious why this awesome pack is free to download? It’s a sample set (with only 11 brushes), that’s a part of a much bigger, premium pack – “Birds brush pack 75+“). In the premium version, there are more bird brushes (several types: Crows, Pigeons, Hawks, Sparrows + Feathers and nests).

The free version received lots of positive reviews, so if you are interested in other brushes created by Di, you can check them out on his Instagram: @di_syukov


8. Watercolor Feather Brush Kit for Procreate

View brushes (10)

Software compatibility: Procreate

First, I have to warn you, that this pack does not have “ready” feather brushes. It’s a watercolor brushes pack, and the brushes provided here are very useful for painting feathers.

Originally, I wanted to include in this list only packs that allow you to create feathers in a few seconds. However, if you have an art style where you imitate traditional media (I this case watercolor), I doubt there will be a better choice than this brush pack. Moreover, you can use these brushes for painting other things, so it will be a great addition to your set.

Calvin (the creator at DrifterStudio) runs a YouTube channel where he publishes tutorials how to use his brushes. He also has a great tutorial on how to paint feathers using this brush kit:

I recommend you to watch also other tutorials, you will find more of them here: Calvin at DrifterStudio


9. 25 Dynamic Feather Brushes

View brushes (25)

Software compatibility: Procreate

Here’s a set created by CoolDigiTool that features 25 dynamic Procreate feather brushes for painting birds, angels, dragons, and other creatures with wings.
You can also use them for illustrating dream catchers, boho art, and whatever else comes to your mind.

This pack has brushes that help you to paint the feather’s texture on the animal – it doesn’t contain feather brush stamps.


10. 20 Feathers Brush Procreate

View brushes (20)

Software compatibility: Procreate

When I found this pack on Etsy, it didn’t have any description, and at the beginning, I couldn’t find much info about the author – Mary (DigitalBrushLybrary).
So I was a bit skeptical if I should include it in the list, but I’ve scrolled through the reviews and the opinions were very positive + found info that the author helps the users when they encounter any issues with the brushes.

Therefore I decided to include this pack in the list, I hope that some of you will find it useful 😉


11. 30 Wings Tattoo BrushSet

View brushes (30+)

Software compatibility: Procreate

This pack is specially designed for Tattoo Artists. However, it may serve as a great base for painting wings!

It includes 30 win stamp brushes, that imitate the wings of various birds (the wings are in different poses) + 5 Clouds Background.

* I have to add my personal comment here because, on Etsy, this brush pack is described as “realistic.” The brushes are detailed but look like pencil drawings, so if you have an art style where you aim for this pencil/color pencil look, this is something you should definitely check out. However, if you aim for the “hyper-realistic” art style, be aware that you will have to overpaint them.

You can see the author’s ( Haris Jonson ) other artworks and brushes on his Instagram: @haris_jonson 



View brushes (12)

File Types Included: .BRUSHSET | .ABR
Software compatibility: Procreate and Photoshop

Here’s something for artists who use Procreate and Photoshop – this pack has 2 separate sets that will work in both software!
A set includes 12 various feather brushes that imitate a single feather. The brushes allow you to quickly add the details to your painting + the different length of the feathers makes it easier to create realistic wings.

If you are curious about the author, please visit his Artstation page – PARA KINGDOM. You will find here the author’s portfolio and his other brushes available to download.


13. Feather brushes by Eliza arty [FREE]

View brushes (8)

Zipped File Size: 5.16 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

In this “Feathers brushes set” you will find 8 brushes created by @Eliza_arty, that she uses in her own artworks. Eliza uploaded it on her Gumroad page and allowed other fellow artists to download them for free.

At the time I’m writing this description, this pack has over 50 positive reviews and therefore received 5 stars on Gumroad.


14. Ink feathers by DarkinyaStore

View brushes (21)

Software compatibility: Procreate and Photoshop

We already have realistic, pencil and watercolor-looking feathers listed in this article, now it’s time for the last position – the ink feather stamps.

You will find here 21 Feather brushes for Procreate and Photoshop .ABR format in high resolution -300dpi.
If you like this pack, you can find more similar brushes on the author’s page: DakinyaStore.


Do you know a brush set that isn’t listed here, but is worth recommending?

If yes, then please let me know in the comments 🙂  Also, feel free to share your opinion, I’m curious which set looks the most interesting to you. I hope this article helps you to find what you need!

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