Junebug Art Challenge [Prompt lists]

Have you heard about the Junebug Art Challenge?

If you are looking for an Art Challenge that takes place in June – this is one of them! It’s dedicated to drawing/painting insects. So, please allow me to emphasize the word “challenge” here, because how often do we draw these little creatures, and how much do we really know about them? It’s a great opportunity to get to know them a little better!

In this article, you will find pieces of information about this challenge, prompt lists and some awesome artworks – that I hope will inspire you to join this challenge 🙂


What is Junebug Art Challenge?

Junebug is an art challenge with one prompt per day list that takes place in June. Its goal is to create artworks based on insects. That’s what gives Junebug a very spring-summer vibe and an awesome atmosphere.

The name of this challenge “Junebug” is the same as the name of insects – that derive their name from the fact that adult June bugs emerge from the soil at the end of spring or the beginning of the summer (so they are quite active during the month of June).

It’s not particularly a drawing or painting challenge, the technique participants are going to use is absolutely up to them, because Junebug is about the creativity and the life of the insects. The works are often semi-abstract, just keeping the shape of a certain bug, but not picturing the animal itself.

The style of your works is also up to you. On previous Junebug editions, we could see realistic photos, cute drawings, and abstract paintings. Your creativity is the limit, just remember to keep insects in your works.

There are some versions of the whole challenge and different opinions. Some say that it’s a 30-day challenge, some say that it’s a 7-days challenge. There are no prizes to win, this is just an exercise for the artist to do together every year. The whole point of it is having fun!

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Junebug Art Challenge Promp List

There is no one official version of the prompt list for Junebug. Everyone can pick their favorite or a couple of them, it’s all up to participants! You can also mix them or create your own list.


Prompt list created by Sophie McPike

The most popular list that’s used by many artists in various years is a prompt list created by Sophie. It was created in 2018.


Who created Junebug Art Challenge?

It’s difficult to identify who created this challenge first, but one of the first artists who popularized this challenge are Sophie McPike, “Revision Lightning Art“, and Matt Downs.

The situation with the origin of the Junebug challenge is very unclear. The oldest info we can find about the Junebug is from 2017, however, there are several prompt lists and several artists claiming that it was their invention.

The absolutely first post that we can find on the internet is the Tumblr post created by Revision Lightning Art:

It has been created in May, so before the challenge started, meaning that Revision Lightning was actually preparing for Junebugs before it started. That’s why there is a huge possibility, that they were the first artist who created/published their Junebug Art Challenge prompt list on the internet.

There is also an option of Junebugs being created by some anonymous artists, or developing itself through the community, that’s why it’s safe to say that no one deserves the full credit for Junebug. The artists, participants and the whole Junebug community is responsible for this challenge.


Junebug Past Prompt lists

Here are past prompt lists created by various artists. You can use these lists or create your own one! Their purpose is to inspire, you can find many prompts with types of insects, but there are also more “metaphorical” lists – where you can really bring out your creativity!

Here’s an example of a prompt list created by Isabelle Woody, it coincided with UK insect Week2021 (that’s why it lasted only 7 days):

source: @isabellewoody

Prompt list created by DalaneyBugg


Junebug Artworks

If you need more inspiration, you can look at other artists’ artworks! Some use prompt lists to train their realistic drawing, others prefer to create more complex illustrations with backgrounds.  There are also artists who use the prompt lists as ideas to come up with great character concepts or outfit designs.

Below you will find some examples – if you like any of these artworks just click on the link under the image in order to go to the author’s page! Please show them some appreciation and leave a comment or “thumb up” on their pages 🙂

Art by Mary @hammyhus


Art by @Anireal


Art by Matt Downs




Art by Sophie McPike


Art by Isabelle Woody


Art by @blakenoelleart


Art by @clairejstamper



Art by Tavras Zaba @tavibles

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