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JuneFae Art Challenge

Every June, many artists all over the world join the Junefae drawing challenge by doing art about fairies, elves, spirits of nature, and forest dwellers. If you are interested in joining, read this post!

JuneFae is probably much less known in comparison to other challenges that take place in June: like Junebug, Junicorn, or Kaijune. There’s also a similar challenge “Fairyary” – also dedicated to faeries – that you can participate in during the month of February.

Nevertheless, JuneFae has dedicated followers, who will not miss a chance to create amazing artworks inspired by faeries!
Ps. If you like to listen to music while drawing, please allow me to introduce to you this Lofi for fairies mix!


What is JuneFae?

JuneFae is an art challenge dedicated to drawing faeries. It takes place in June, and its goal is to draw 1 faerie per day for the whole month. There are 30-day prompt lists that you can use for inspiration, however, there’s no “official” prompt list – many artists create their own lists or use already existing ones.

JuneFaeis a combination of two words – Fae, and June. The word Fae has Scottish origins (meaning “from”) and is sometimes used as another word for faeries (or fairies), the mythical pixie creatures fae folklore.

There are no rules or restrictions regarding this art challenge. Any type of art media can be used, both traditional and digital, as well as sculpting, scrapbooking, etc. You are only limited by your imagination, as long as it’s inspired/dedicated to faeries.


What does Fae look like?
According to Urban dictionary: A fae is a humanoid mystical creature that wields great power in magic and elementals, usually has antennae, insect-like wings, and is tiny in size.

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JuneFae Prompt lists

There aren’t any “official” prompt lists. However, there are lists created by various artists, that you can use for this challenge, or use to create your own prompt list. Here’s the most popular one:

original source:


Prompt list created by


Prompt list created by @jreneefoster 


JuneFae Artworks

If you still hesitate to join this art challenge, check out other artists’ artworks! Many of them came up with really clever ideas and concepts, I hope that these amazing illustrations will inspire you to create your own.
Please check out also other works – I added links to the artists’ pages, where you can see more of their creations. Don’t forget to leave a comment or give them a “like” to show your appreciation!

Art by Iris Compiet

Many of Iris’s illustrations are inspired by faeries and the mystical world they live in. Therefore, I must mention here an art book she created: Faeries of the Faultlines – I believe it’s worth your attention and will be a great addition to your collection! You can read more about this book on Iris’s website, or on



Art by @Inkvertebrate


Art by @AshlyLovett


Art by @melissasueart


Art by Heather Hudson


Art by Vicent Gisbert Cardona


Art by Manelle Oliphant

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