Junicorn Drawing Chalenge – Draw a Unicorn Everyday!

If you are a member of art groups on social media (like FB, Amino etc.) you might notice a sudden influx of unicorn drawings a few times a year… Did that happen in June? If yes, then that was probably the Junicorn Drawing Challenge!

It’s not so popular as other June art challenges, (like for example Kaijune), but it has its loyal followers since 2016! If you are into drawing horses or mythical creatures, this will be a fun challenge to do during summer, and perhaps, you will give a chance to try some other art materials that you don’t normally use?

If this sounds interesting, read the pieces of information below and join the Junicorn Drawing challenge by using the existing prompt list, or create your own version of this challenge 🙂


What is Junicorn?

Junicorn – as the name indicates, it’s an art challenge dedicated to drawing unicorns. Most of the unicorn artworks are inspired by prompt lists published by various artists (but it’s not necessary) – such lists include prompts for each of the 30 days. The challenge takes place during the month of June, and the goal is to draw one unicorn every day during this month.

The name “Junicorn” is a combination of the word unicorn and “J” – suggesting it takes place during June.

There are no official rules or restrictions, but the name indicates one rule: the unicorn should be drawn. Any media – traditional or digital – are allowed.

hashtags: #Junicorn #Junicornchallenge #Junicorn2023


Junicorn Prompt list 2023

Here are some prompt lists for 2023. There’s no one “official list”- you can use lists published by various artists or create your own list from scratch. If you decide to use another artist’s prompt list, remember to include also hashtags provided by the artist – many people like to check out artworks of people who used their list, it’s a fun way to connect with others!
*more lists coming soon

Art by @ SnowElfMoon

Who created Junicorn?

One of the first mentions date back to 2016. I wasn’t able to find the artist who could be the initiator of this challenge. But here are two artists who I found that were participating in -possibly- the first year of Junicorn: Ellen Million and Julia Beutling.

Below are few examples of their creations:

Junicorn 2016 artworks by Ellen Million


Junicorn 2016 artworks by Julia Beutling


Junicorn Past Prompt list

In this section, I included a few Junicorn Prompt Lists from the past. I hope that they will serve you as inspiration for creating your own list.


Art by @Will-Owl-the-Wisp


Junicorn Prompt list found on AminoApps community


Junicorn 2019 Prompt list by @elizardc_arts
source: Junicorn Prompt list


Janna Prosvirina Fantasy Art’s Junicorn Prompt list for 2018


“Dark” Junicorn Prompt list by @Samhears


Junicorn Artworks

If the prompts weren’t inspiring enough, then perhaps other artists’ Junicorn artworks will make you want to join this challenge 🙂  When some people think about unicorns, they mostly have an image in their mind of a beautiful, white horse with a long sharp horn placed on its forehead. Well… that’s not the case if you are an artist who loves to think out of the box and design characters. Check out these awesome illustrations below, that I found while doing research about Junicorn – some may really surprise you!

I hope that this post helps you to get to know the Junicorn Drawing Challenge a little bit better, and will inspire you to join it. Under each image, I left a link to the author’s page, so if you like any of these artworks please check out other illustrations created by this artist and leave them a comment/”thumb up” to show some appreciation!

Art by @andersoncarman


Art by Emiliano ECO Ortega


Art by Emma (Wood Mouse & Bobbit)


Art by @kristinkwanart

Art by @pabkins


Art by Galliumcore


Art by Vicki Gausden

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