Magical March – Drawing challenge

I just found out about the Magical March Drawing Challenge, and I’m so mad at myself I didn’t stumble upon it earlier!

It will certainly land on my Art Challenge calendar (still working on it). I missed it this year, but I definitely will join it next time!
Are you curious what Magical March challenge is about? Well, then you are in the right place because here I’m gathering all pieces o information about this challenge!


What is Magical March Drawing Challenge?

Magical March is an art challenge where artists draw a magical girl (or something related to this subject) every day for the month of March!

Each year people post a list of their prompt list, and based on it, they draw (usually) a character stylized as a magical girl (Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura are great examples of what you should aim for) – the drawing has to be related to a prompt word of the current day.

*Many people post their prompt list and allow other artists to use them. You can add, change and draw the themes as you please.

There are no limits regarding tools or drawing style, you can use digital and traditional media.

If you want to join the Magical March challenge and post your artworks on social media, be sure to add these hashtags!
Hashtags: #MagicalGirl #MagicalMarch #magicalmarch2023

Magical Girls examples:

Magical Girl - Magical March Drawing ChallengeSailor Moon

Card Captor Sakura


Magical March 2023 Prompt list:


Who created Magical March Challenge?

There are various challenges that include drawing Magical Girls, therefore I will provide pieces of information on all of them.
The most popular version of Magical March Drawing Challenge #MagicalMarch was popularized on Instagram by Mariana Real in 2018.

However, The first version of this challenge I was able to find was Ruby’s 31 Day Magical Girl Challenge.
It was posted by EnvySkort, in 2015 on DeviantArt. There is no restriction regarding a month, you can take it any month you want to.

Ruby’s 31 Day Magical Girl Challenge list:

The second challenge and the first one called the “Magical March challenge” was created by SurelySimple in 2016. The prompts included not magical girls, but Disney characters, and you could letter or draw the prompts.


Prompt Lists of previous Magical March Drawing challenge

If you plan to create your own prompt list, check the previous lists for inspiration!

Magical March Drawing Challenge 2022 by Reals_artwork

Magical March Drawing Challenge 2021 by Reals_artwork

Magical March Drawing Challenge 2020 by Reals_artwork

Magical March Drawing Challenge 2019 by Reals_artwork

Magical March Drawing Challenge 2018 by Reals_artwork

Magical March Drawing Challenge Content Creator Edition by General Pedro

– Pedro decided to create his own prompt list, and draw YouTube Content Creators as Magical Girls. The results are epic! Click on the images to see the original post:

Magical March Challenge Artworks

While doing research about this  challenge I’ve also stumbled upon some amazing artworks, and just have to show them to you! Remember to visit the author’s page and give them a thumb up 🙂

Art by Judicaëlle Live Lun


Art by General Pedro


Art by Stellamay17

Art by Sarah Wilson


Art by



Art by Nancy G. Alcantar



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Art by Geminine


Art by Asukaramaster


Art by Marighoul

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