My Art Challenge – Artist, show yourself!

Hey! Right now there’s a brand new art challenge!
My fb home page is constantly showing me new amazing posts created for this challenge, every time I refresh the site.

So what is it all about? Read this post and check out some incredible artworks below to learn more!

What is My Art Challenge?

My Art Challenge – is a collage, made of the Artist’s photo and his recent artwork.
The collage is divided into 4 squares. On two black squares is written, “Me” and “My art”, rest squares contain images (the photo and artwork).

hashtag: #MyArtChallenge #MeAndMyArtChallenge

First mentions of #MyArtChallenge that I was able to find are from 29 November 2020.

*Some artists mistake it with the #ArtVsArtist challenge – its goal is the same, but ArtVsArtist has a different template, and features more artist’s drawings.

For an artist, It’s a cool way to introduce yourself, especially if you have tons of your drawings on social media, but only few (or none) photos of you. Your follower may not even know what you look like!


MyArtChallenge Template

Below you will find a template for My Art Challenge. Many Artists create their own template, or modify it and include a few artworks, so you will find many variations of it.

If you have a Photoshop, you can download a PSD template and use the option “clipping mask” to quickly add your photo and artwork to the template. If you don’t have a photoshop, then you can still use the free online version: – you can learn more about using photopea and the PSD file in a step-by-step tutorial here: Art vs Artists template

Download PSD file – My Art Challenge Template


If you are posting on Facebook, all you have to do is download the separate squares and add the images separately in the right order. Facebook will automatically arrange the images, similar to the template above.


MyArtChallenge artworks

When I was looking around the internet to learn more about this challenge, I found some amazing collages made by artists! Below are some of them.

The images are linked to the author’s page, so if you like them, please click on the image and visit the author’s site/ check out their other artworks!







The Squirrel is my favorite! What about you? Do you plan the challenge? Let me know in the comments!


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