PurrBloom – Transform the Flower into a Cat

If you are looking for an Art Challenge where the main theme are CATS – here it is: PurrBloom!

I stumbled upon it on Instagram, and couldn’t leave it without any mention. There are also some other cat art challenges that I plan to mention in the future, but please allow me to open the list by explaining first what the PurrBloom challenge exactly is.


What is PurrBloom?

PurrBloom challenge is an art challenge held in March, where artists transform various plants into flowering spring-spirit kitties. At the beginning of March, a prompt list of 15 different flowers is published, and your goal is to create 15 artworks inspired by these 2 things – a cat and the mentioned flower.

The name PurrBloom refers to these two subjects used in this challenge, “purr” – to the cat (and the sound they make) and “bloom” to the flowers.

There aren’t any restrictions mentioned. It is a quite new art challenge, so the artworks I found were mainly drawings and illustrations created with traditional and digital media.

Official websites: @maloviyua – the challenge is hosted by Mal’oviyUA.
hashtags: #maloviy_purrbloom


PurrBloom Prompt List 2023

Promp list: @maloviyua
Cover art by @sofiialyt

This Prompt List was posted on the Mal’oviy’s official pages (social media). Below is a short description and rules regarding the current list:

How to join?
🌸 Draw a flower from our list as a cat
🌸 Share your artwork on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #maloviy_purrbloom
🌸 Tag us on the picture

We will share all contributions in our stories. You can follow the list in any order and any pace.
Also, 15 featured artists will share their illustrations of this list on our account. Follow to see all the meow-meows and join us!


Who created PurrBloom?

The PurrBloom art challenge was announced on MAL’OVIY official social media pages – it’s a community of Ukrainian artists, sharing Ukrainian culture and uniqueness. MAL’OVIY often shares on their social media various illustrations drew by Ukrainian artists, as well as various projects and art challenges that refer to Ukrainian culture and Slavic mythology.
*Flowers (and flora in general) hold a special place in Slavic communities; they are a frequent pattern used for folk costumes, and most of the female clothing isn’t complete without the flower crown.

PurrBloom challenge was published first on 26 February 2023, below is the original post:

The Prompt List was published in 2 languages, Ukrainian and English. 


PurrBloom Artworks

Finally, my most favorite part of every art challenge! Below are some examples of drawings created for PurrBloom; you can see how differently the artists approached a certain prompt. I don’t know about you, but seeing these amazing artworks inspire me to join this challenge too.
Ps. I left a link to the artists’ page under the artworks, please check out their other artworks too 🙂


Art by @kuttysark_art


Art by Karina Kuts


Art by @fennefoxa and @ekitojupiter (collab)


Art by @googydug_


Art by @karmellime


Art by @anyramagic


Art by @iartiver


Art by @amenlona

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