Six Fanarts Art Challenge Template

Hey Guys! There’s a new art challenge: “Six Fanarts Challenge”  (#6Fanarts #SixFanartsChallenge ) on social media!

Don’t miss it, grab your pencil and join the fun 🙂


What is Six Fanarts Challenge?

Six Fanarts is an Art Challenge where artists draw 6 characters suggested by other people.
The artists usually post on their social. medias’ (ex. Twitter, Facebook, Insta) question, and then pick out from post’s comments the following characters to draw.

The artists use a template for this challenge where they paste into squares their previously drawn fanarts, or draw directly on the template.

There are no rules to what art materials you have to use, and no time limit.

Remember to post these hashtags if you want to participate in the challenge.
Hashtags: #6Fanarts #SixFanartsChallenge

Six Fanarts Disclaimer

Melissa (Six Fanarts Challenge creator) posted a disclaimer. You can read it here: Six Fanarts Disclaimer.
Briefly, you do not have to credit Melissa when you post your artwork. She asks to leave a credit on the template so that people can find the original template. But it’s not mandatory. You can create your own template.
* Credit Melissa if you want her to see your artwork. She loves to see what everyone is drawing, and it will certainly be a kind gesture.


Who created Six Fanarts Challenge?

The Six Fanarts Challenge was created by Melissa Capriglione. On March 18, 2020, she posted on her Twitter a template with the question of what characters she should draw.

Six Fanarts Challenge original post
You can see the original Twitter post here.

And here are Melissa’s fanarts, you can check them out on her Twitter here (you can also click on the image to go to the original page) – remember to give her the <3 !


Six Fanarts Challenge Template

Melissa shared a link to the SiX Fanarts Challenge template, making it available to download.

You can download it here:  Download Six Fanarts Challenge Template (Original Source)

The template is saved as png file:
Six Fanarts Challenge Template

Six Fanarts Artworks

I can’t leave this article without any examples!

Many other artists joined this challenge (we live in rough times guys, if your whole country is closed down, and everyone has to stay at home, you may want to distract yourself with something to keep yourself sane). So, check out these artworks -and if you like them, you can click on them to go to the author’s page.

As always, remember to give them a thumb up, or a heart to show them that you appreciate their art!

Btw, did you participate in Six Fanarts Challenge? Share your a link t your artwork in the comments! 🙂


Six Fanarts by Dresdencodak

Six Fanarts by Gretlusky


Six Fanarts by by Themrock

Six Fanarts by Marisketch


Six Fanarts by Orphen Sirius

Six Fanarts by MD00dles

Six Fanarts by @arentheartist



Six Fanarts by MayhWolf


Six Fanarts by Orphae

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