Smaugust – Dragon Drawing Challenge

Have you heard about Smaugust drawing challenge? If you are looking for more pieces of information and Smaugust prompt list, you are in the right place!

I gather information about various challenges that I spot on Instagram and Facebook Art Groups. Lately, I started seeing some posts of prompt lists for drawing featuring dragons so I couldn’t allow myself to miss it. If there’s anything that involves dragons and drawing, I HAVE to investigate it… and if you are here, then probably the same goes to you too 🙂

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Art by Taran Fiddler

What is Smaugust Art Challenge?

Smaugust is a drawing challenge, that takes place during August. The goal is to paint, draw, design, or by other means create one Dragon artwork per day for the whole month. However, some artists decide to create just a few, or one artwork during the month.

If you decide to draw illustrations each day, but lack of ideas of what to draw exactly, there’s a list with prompts for drawing, dedicated for each day. So if you need such a list, there are many prompt lists created by various artists published on the internet – you can follow one of them, or create your own list.

The name Smaugust is a combination of two words – Smaug and August.
Smaug is the name of a dragon, main antagonist from Lord of The Ring.

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Who started the Smaugust Art Challenge?

The earliest mentions about Smaugust challenge are from 2016. One of the artists that popularized it is Katie Croonenberghs, aka Kamakru.
She is famous for her beautiful watercolor paintings, where she often features dragons.

Below you can see the sketches she drew in 2016. Click on the images to go to the artwork’s page.

Smaugust prompt lists

I was also looking for prompt lists of Smaugust. It seems that there’s no official list, but a few ones that are currently trending.

Below you can see lists created by various artists. You can use them, or get inspired to create your own Smaugust prompt lists 2022:


Past Prompt Lists:

Lists that were published in previous years.

You can use them too – just because these lists were created in the past, it doesn’t mean they are expired in any way.

Smaugust Art Challenge Artworks

When I do the research about art challenges, checking out other artists’ artworks is the most pleasant part of it!
Well, there’s one downside, and it is that I can’t add here all artworks! The article would be too long… so here are some of my most favorite artworks I spotted on social media. I attached source links to them, so you can click on these drawings and go directly to the artist’s page. Hope you will like them as much as I do, please give a like or thumb up (on the artist’s page) to the ones you like the most!



Types of Dragons

Here you will find types of dragons and a description of them. Please keep in mind that, based on different sources, these terms and their descriptions may vary, and you may know these types of dragons under a different name.

Dragon is an Umbrella Term, meaning there are a lot of creatures that fall under that heading. More precisely – a lizard-looking creature with two wings and two legs is a Wyvern, but that does not mean it has stopped being a dragon


Four legs, wings.


two legs, two wings.


Dragon with wings, no legs


four legs, no wings -Wingless, flightless dragon


No legs, no wings – Limbless dragon


Two legs, no wings

Lung Dragon

Four Legs, No wings – very long body


several heads, very long body. Legs, wings – varies, usually 4 legs and no wings.


I hope that this info will help you in comping up with some ideas for the challenge’s prompts.

Which one of the artworks you like the most? Are you going to participate in Smaugust this year? Will you create your own prompt list?
Let me know in the comments!


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