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Best Wacom graphics tablet alternatives

The graphics tablet is one of the most necessary accessories in the graphic artist’s studio. It unusually extends the possibilities when editing photos in a digital darkroom, increasing the precision of, among others, during masking, stamping or marking. In addition, it speeds up work and offers greater ergonomics than a mouse. The complement is functional buttons, gesture support and touch functions. If you plan to purchase a tablet, you had probably come across a company called Wacom. But what about Wacom alternatives? → Continue reading

Graphics Tablet Wacom Intuos is not working – solutions

Recently I had some problems with my graphics tablet – Wacom Intuos 4, and read tons of forum threads to find a solution. I even reached out to Wacom support, but they didn’t know the solution either. Luckily, I managed to fix my problem with Intuos, and decided to create an article with my solution, and gather other pieces of advice that might work for you. → Continue reading