What are Copic markers?


Many of you have probably heard about these amazing felt-tip pens.
Today I decided to take a closer look at them.

To start with, some basic information (In case you didn’t hear about them).

What is a Copic marker?

COPIC is a Japanese marker system used by well-known designers and graphics around the world. There are 4 lines of markers: Ciao, Classic, Sketch and Wide.copics
Each line has different advantages and is adapted to individual user needs.

Here are COPIC markers tips:
Marker tips

All markers can be refilled with a COPIC Various Ink.

Various ink bottle:


You can mix inks to create your own unique colour.

Now let’s look at each of these lines separately.


COPIC Ciao markers are:
– intended for users of all ages
– filled with various inks*
– equipped with two exchangeable tips
– available in a wide range of colours (up to 144 colours)

They will not damage paper when blending and layering colours and can be used on many surfaces such as paper, leather, wood, plastics and more

*Buying one bottle of this ink allows us to completely fill Copic Ciao marker 16 times!

COPIC Classic

In addition to the two interchangeable tips, the COPIC Classic line:
– offers 214 available colours and shades
– allows you to create your own colours thanks to empty pens
– ensures the highest quality of products and many years of durability

The COPIC Classic pen can be filled with one bottle of Various Ink 8 times.

COPIC Sketch


COPIC Sketch markers have:
– the widest range of colours (322 colours and shades!)
– two interchangeable tips
– empty pens for creating your own colours

Thanks to the neutral COPIC Sketch Blender, you can make tonal separations.

After printing, the marker can be filled with one bottle of Various Ink up to 12 times!


COPIC Wide markers:
–  are ideal for covering large areas, and are additionally resistant to abrasion in the 2.5cm wide tip
–  have a shape that protects against uncontrolled rolling on the surface to be coated
–  are available in 36 colours

One bottle of Various Ink can fill a COPIC Wide marker 6 times.

Thanks to such a wide offer everyone will certainly find something for themselves 😉

What is a Copic 0 Colourless blender?

colorless blender

A special, colourless marker used for separating, changing the shade (value) of a colour. Very useful when creating tonal transitions and lighting effects. The solution is a bit like “the eraser effect”.

Are Copic markers worth the money?

So, is it worth buying Copic Marker pens? I must immediately warn you that COPIC Markers are quite a large expense. The approximate cost of one marker is 5 USD
However, in my opinion, the expense pays off because:
1. First of all: the effects we can achieve with these markers will certainly exceed our wildest expectations 🙂
2. Second: markers can be refilled repeatedly using ink,
3. Thirdly: the possibilities of using markers are unlimited! They are useful in automotive design offices, architectural studios, and above all at work
cartoonists and artists.

Thanks to these unusual markers, we can draw and colour by obtaining such effect, as if we were doing it using a computer !

COPIC Markers can be purchased in many countries. On the website you will find a full offer.

And for people who want to get even more interesting effects, the AtYouSpica line was created – markers in 12 colours and 1 transparent with an additional effect in the form of micro-glass filings.

How to refill a Copic marker

Copic markers can be refilled with a Various Ink. They come in two sizes (25 and 200 cc).


There are few methods to refill your marker.

1. You can simply fill it by removing the chisel nib with a COPIC Tweezers and adding the ink.


Refilling 2

However, you should never remove the Super Brush, since it can be easily damaged during the removing process (unless you plan to buy a new tip to replace it). Be careful to grip the nib carefully near the base and pull it gently out, tugging them from the tip can tear the fibers.

Refilling 3

2. Fill the Copic marker without removing a nib

Refilling 1
Take the cap off of the chisel tip end of your marker.
Hold the marker in one hand with the brush end angled downward at a 45-degree angle. Use your other hand to slowly add ink to the marker, one drop at a time, with the Various Ink Refill. A dry marker will readily absorb the ink if you aim right above where the chisel tip meets the body of the marker. Stop adding ink when you notice the marker taking longer to soak it up.

If you haven’t ever refilled a Copic marker before, I’d recommend starting with 10–15 drops. Put the cap back on and let the marker sit for a few minutes before checking to see if the ink is flowing as it should. If not, add a few more drops.

Be sure to have some rubbing alcohol and cotton swabs on hand to clean the exterior of the marker in the event that you overfill fill it and end up with excess ink running down the side.

 3. Copic Booster

Refilling 4
Copic also makes needle tips (Copic Booster) that can be used to inject ink into markers from the refill bottles. They would allow you to replenish markers more quickly. Remember to clean the Booster Needle after each use to remove any excess coloured ink.

How to know when it’s time to refill

Test both of your markers tips on a paper.
The biggest hint that it’s time to refill is when using the chisel end you see streaks. When you notice that the ink takes more time to reach the tip of your marker, you should consider refilling it.
Also, If one of your marker’s end is dry, but the tip is juicy and you can use it without any problems, you may think that the other tip is just clogged. However, it can be a hint that your marker needs to be refilled.

How to clean a Copic marker

copic cleaner

COPIC released a special COPIC Cleaner that will help you to clean the body of your pens. The bottle comes with a useful nozzle for easy application and is available in 250 ml.
Here are few supplies you need to have in order to properly clean your marker:
– Copic Colorless Blender Solution
– alcohol wipes
– cotton balls/swabs, tissue or paper towel
– Copic tweezers

Clean up the marker’s body of extensive ink with the paper towel (dampened with the Copic cleaner). Remember to NOT wipe your nibs with an alcohol solution or wipes.
Use cotton swabs to clean the inside of the marker lid.

To clean the marker’s nib, carefully remove the nib from the marker using the COPIC tweezers (or just with your fingers, if you don’t have the tweezers, but be really careful to not damage the nib).

Artworks created with Copic markers:

Author: SaraFabrizi  OfficialWebsite
Video of the drawing process

Tools: Copic Ciao & Sketch, white Uni-ball pen, Deleter paper.
Colour LIST:
– Skin: YR000, E00, E02, RV10.
– Hair: E71, E74.
– Eyes: B00, G00, BV00.
– Flowers:  RV10, RV02.
– Leaves: G21, BG93, BV00.
– Braches & Horns: E71, E04.
– Background: BG10.


Author: DlaSir
Video of the drawing process

Used Material:
-Copic Ciao Markers
-White Paint marker(s)


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