What is DrawCember?

Are you looking for a December Art Challenge? Yes?

Excellent! Perhaps you will be interested in participating in the Drawcember!

For me, December is a month where days start to be really cold, and the sun rarely seen. Some people start to feel the effects of Autumn sadness – unmotivated and sleepy, we lose interest for drawing… At such time I’m sure that we, humans, should also hibernate!

Hah, I wish I could sleep the whole autumn and winter, but I would miss the chance of joining the Drawcember – and a few other art events that take place these seasons. And as an introvert, I can’t imagine better evenings than those with pencil and paper, sitting in front of TV, wrapped in a cozy, fluffy blanket. Art Challenges, such as Drawcember keep me motivated and help me to keep up the habit of daily drawing.

So, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate (or ice tea if you live in a warm country)  and prepare for the DRAWCEMBER!


What is the Drawcember?

Drawcember is an art challenge, that takes place in December. Its name comes from two words –December and Draw.

Every Decmeber, artists from all around the world, create a drawing for each day of December. The prompts are mostly Christmas related.
The challenge was created by the Disney Create in 2012.
Hashtags: #DrawCember

Official site – Twitter: Drawcember


The Drawcember Rules

Any media is allowed, and you don’t have to follow the official Drawcember prompt list.
You have to keep the daily drawing habit, and most importantly – not giving in to the autumn blues!


Drawcember 2020 Prompt List

List created by Dylan: @dyl_pixels
The Original post: Prompt List for Drawcember

Info: It seems that the (un)official accounts of the Drawcember challenge were abandoned. But the community never fails, and new lists with Drawcember prompts for 2020 were created 🙂  The list posted here was created by Dylan, you can find his artworks under the nickname “dyl_pixels”. Thanks Dylan!

Hashtag: #Drawcember2020

Drawcember on Reddit

On 28 November 2020 a Reddit page was crated, dedicated to the Drawcember challenge. A new prompt list was posted b a user nicknamed “do_hamsters_sweat”. If you want to participate in the Drawcember, you can join the Drawcember community on Reddit and post your drawings there!


Who created Drawcember?

– Drawcember Prompt Lists from the past years

Every December, Disney Create gave artists an inspiration for a drawing for every day of the month. It first started in 2012, and at that time, Drawcember didn’t cover every day of the month. In 2013, DC_Artist gave everyone the inspirations, making it much more possible that the artist was really DC workers.

In 2017, the Drawcember was hosted by Wacom and CGSociety on their forum. You had to create a sketchbook thread on the forum, and post there your drawings with following hashtags: #DrawCember #MadeWithWacom #cgsociety.
The artists had a for a chance to win one of the 8 Wacom products and a review of your December portfolio by
professionals from CG Society.

Below you can see the Drawcember prompt list from 2017:

Later, on 2017 there was created a Twitter page for the Drawcember where a list of art prompts is published every year. The best drawings created for the Drawcember are shared there – to become noticed, artists had to publish their artwork by tagging @realdrawcember  on Twitter and use the hashtag #drawcember2018 (for the 2018 Drawcember).

Below you can see the Drawcember prompt list 2018


And here’s a previous prompt list from 2019 created by Dyl Pixels and published on his Instagram.

Do you participate in the Drawcember? Which prompt do you like the most? Let me know in the comments!



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