What is Goretober? [Warning: blood]

So… wanna ignore the warning and find out what the Goretober art challenge is? Well, I can’t stop you.

I stumbled upon this art challenge when I was completing the Monthly Art Challenges list. And at first, I wasn’t sure if I should mention it on the list, because it’s a bit controversial, at least from my point of view.

But if you are a fan of horror movies, then you will love it!

So check out the info I gathered in this article about the Goretober 🙂


What is Goretober?

Goretober is another art challenge that takes place in October. It gives artists a different and new drawing challenge every day that revolves around gore.

There are various prompt lists published on the internet, you can “borrow” them (leave a credit!) or create your own list. These lists contain a prompt for each day, and you have to create a drawing/illustration inspired by this prompt.

Some artists use this challenge as an opportunity to practice drawing anatomy. Others are simply interested in it as it’s something they never draw, and therefore it’s a good challenge to leave their comfort zone and try something new. Finally, there are some artists who love horrors etc. and think of it as something to help them prepare for / feel the Halloween’s mood.

hashtags: #Goretober #Goretober2023


Who started Goretober?

It’s really hard to track down who started the Goretober. The first post about the Goretober I was able to find is from 2014. It is a journal post on deviantart created by AdmiinGhost (unfortunately, he/she  deactivated their account).
Sorry, but this time I wasn’t able to find the original author of this art challenge.

I also wasn’t able to find any earlier mentions on google search, so I suspect that the challenge was created on 2014 (source – Google Trends):


Comparing it on Google trends to other events, Goretober excels the Witchtober challenge – it seems to be one of the most popular inktober alternatives and art challenges during the October – which is surprising to me, because I thought that Witchtober is the most popular one (blue is for Goretober).

Goretober prompt list 2023

The current prompt list for 2023. It was created by Crisis-arts, who creates Goretober prompt lists since 2019. If you want to use it, please include the hashtag #crisisgoretober2023 in your posts.

by crisis-arts

Goretober past prompt lists

Here are some of Goretober prompt lists created by other artists. You can use them or get inspired and create your own prompt list.
If you plan to use some else’s list, look up if there’s any additional hashtag associated with them. Many creators of prompt lists often create their own hashtags, so they could easily find other participants’ artworks. If you include it, it will be easier for the creators to check out your drawing!

Also remember to credit them 🙂

by crisis-arts


by crisis-arts



Goretober Drawings

If you are curious about how you can use the prompts, below are some examples of artworks created for Goretober. Some drawings are really bizarre, other horrifying, and cute at the same moment. But you can see the early mentioned intentions of participants – for some people it’s a way to “prepare” for the Halloween, others treat it like an anatomy practice.

Check out the artworks below – I’ve linked them to the original source, so if you really like them be sure to visit the author’s page!




Goretober day 11. Skewered






What about you, are you planning to participate in the Goretober? Or have you already created some drawings for previous Goretobers? Let me know in the comments! 🙂



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