What is Huevember? [Prompt list 2022]

Huevember is an art challenge that takes place in November. Its goal is to draw one drawing each day, for all days of the month of November, in a given hue. Each day is linked with a certain hue – you can use all colors you want in your drawing as long as the hue of the day stays the main visible color of the image.

As you can guess, the name “Huevember” is a mix of 2 words – Hue, and November.
There’s no restriction in regards to what medium you can use.

Hashtag’s used: #huevember #huevember2022

*Additional info:
Some artists like to combine art challenges or create their own prompt lists. You can give yourself additional restrictions and prompts, especially if you want to practice your weak points. Like for example – “paint only portraits” or “paint only landscapes”.


Check out the websites listed below for the inspiration!

Facebook page:
Tumblr page:
Deviantart group

Below you can find the Huvember prompt list 2022:

You can also modify the color wheel. Below you can see a great example of a color wheel created by Cass J Cossette. She decided to work on improving the variety of colors and representation of skin tones used in her work.

Art by Cass

Who created the Huevember?

The Huevember art challenge was created by Matthieu Daures (animation student at Gobelins) on Tumblr in 2014.


The original post


Huevember example – Artworks created for the Huevember challenge!

If you like the artworks, you can click on the image to go directly to the artist’ pages to check out their other artworks, and leave a comment!

Art by Julia Lundgren
Art by Sarah Burns


Art by Shadify


Art by Aerorven


Learn about other Art Challenges

Are you interested in participating in other art challenges? If yes, then you have to check out this article – List of Art Challenges! Feel free to share a link to your Huevember artwork in the comments!

Quick list of art challenges:

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