iPad Apple Pencil Cases and Holders

If you are looking for an iPad Apple Pencil Case or Holder (particularly for traveling), check out my list and reviews of the pencil cases I bought!

So, I travel a lot, mainly by train, and I often take my iPad with me (I don’t know what I would do without it during my 8h train travel and then 6h flight). I tend to carry my iPad loosely in a backpack with all other stuff; therefore, I consider myself very lucky I haven’t lost or broken my iPad pencil yet… so before that happens, I’ve finally decided to get an Apple pencil case/holder.

I saw several pencil cases and holders, but couldn’t decide which one to pick… that’s why I bought several of them for a test!

Here’s a photo of the already unpacked cases on my desk. I picked mostly the cases that seemed to be the most popular (or let’s say, promoted).

I searched mainly for cases that would protect my iPad pencil from breaking while being carried in a bag, so I would say I aimed for an “iPad pencil case for traveling“. However, I also bought a few others out of curiosity (they seemed to be useful for carrying the pencil around the home). Please keep in mind that I write opinions from my point of view. Regardless of that, I hope that you will find my review useful and it will help you find your own iPad pencil case that meets your needs.

Apple Pencil Cases and Holders

I wasn’t very objective while writing this article, as I was looking for a case that meets my needs.
I have an Apple Pencil (2nd generation), and I don’t use any etui/ cover for my pencil, my iPad’s size is 12.9-inch.

Many cases are created to fit the pencil precisely and don’t take its cover into consideration. Please keep this information in mind when looking for your own pencil case.

After filling in some info, I’ve decided to divide the list into 3 groups/categories. There are cases that can hold only the apple pencil+its accessories in a separate case – that’s the first group. The second group is a case which you can attach to your iPad, or a built-in place for the pencil in ipads case. The third group is dedicated to the rest, mainly “pencil-box” looking cases, but that are more sturdy than a normal pencil cases. These are best for you if you want to secure your pencil that has a sleeve/etui on it (because the cases from the 1st group are made to fit just your pencil).

I still have some cases in mind that I would like to get my hands on. For now, I’m publishing this set and plan to add new cases over time.

– Apple Pencil Cases (separate)

Briefly, if your Apple pencil has any attachment or has a sleeve/etui on it, this isn’t the section for you. These cases are made to “fit” just the apple pencil, so if it has any additional thing on it – it won’t fit.


1. YINVA Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

Check out the YINVA Pencil Case for Apple Pencil

I bought several similar pencil cases like this, so let it be the first one to review. It is white, and pink inside.

The whole case is plastic, including its inside. It fits my gen 2 pencil, I would even say it’s quite tight, so the pencil doesn’t fall out when I open the case and shake it.  Despite the tightness, it is easy to take the pencil out.

Apart from the slot for the pencil, it has additional slots for other accessories you can put inside. The slots for the rest of the accessories are a little big tho, so they can fall out when you open the case; at the time of this review, I don’t have any other things that I would need to store except my pencil, but other users report that the charging adapter and charging cover fall out consistently. However, in defense, I can add that this happens with every case similar to this one.

Final thoughts: Looks cute, , it’s plastic inside, not the best, but it does its job.


2. Meowster Carrying Case for Apple Pencil

Check out the Meowster Carrying Case for Apple Pencil

Another plastic case for Apple Pencil gen 1 and gen 2. In comparison to the first one, it has a silicone base inside with slots for pencil, lighting adapter apple pencil tip or tip covers. You can take out this silicone and clean the case if needed.

The silicone base protects the accessories from scratches inside. The pencils and elements sit loose, so keep that in mind while opening the case. My gen 2 pencil seems to be too slim for its slot, when I shake the case I can hear a rattle, the same goes for the tip – when I close the case and tilt/turn it upside down, the elements fall from their slots. * Saw a video with gen 1 pencil that fits perfectly and doesn’t fall out. I’m thinking about trying this case with Gen2  pencil in a sleeve, will report how it fits in the future.

I’ve read reviews and noticed some people say it’s hard to open this case – I have no such issue; whilst it is not opening at the lightest touch, I don’t need to use any force, or my nails to open it.

Final thoughts: In overall, despite the silicone, and many positive reviews, I’m not happy with this case. Not good for traveling with gen 2 apple pencil, does not meet my needs. Might be good for gen 1  tho.


3. TechMatte Carrying Case

Check out the TechMatte Carrying Case

The first, and most important thing to note – this case probably won’t be a good choice for gen 1 pencils. I have The Apple Pencil gen 2,  they are bit thinner than gen 1, and the slot for the pencil is really narrow. I mean, I have to squeeze my pencil into the slot, and taking it out is a bit troublesome, I have to use force, and the first time I tried to pull it out I was a bit scared that I might somehow damage my pencil by pulling it out. That was my first experience, the case is new so after some usage it might wear down a little and the slot may loosen up (its base with slots is made from silicone).

Nevertheless, I’m satisfied with this version, the accessories sit firmly in their solts, even the pencil tips don’t fall when I hold the case upside down and shake it. For those who think it might be hard to take your accessories out – the base is a piece made from silicone, you can pull it out from the white plastic case and push the slot from the back to squeeze out your accessories.

Final thoughts: I like it. Great for travel if you have gen 2, I’m satisfied. Not good for Gen1 as the slot is very narrow, don’t even think about getting this case if your pencil has a sleeve.


4. SIXFU Case for Apple Pencil (Universal version)

Check out the SIXFU Case for Apple Pencil

I will say right away that this is my favorite version of these white plastic cases as it meets my exact needs!  The slot for my apple pencil (gen 2) isn’t too loose or too tight, it’s perfect. It holds my pencil firmly, the pencil does not fall out when I turn this case upside down and shake. The case is plastic and has a silicone base with slots for accessories. I don’t put my cable there, but I find this cable slot perfect for storing my real pen – and this is a big advantage for me during travels.

I don’t take my pen tips for travels, but I get that some of you need a storage for them, so there’s also a slot for storing loosely a few tips, or you can pick a “customized” version that has these extra slots you might need. Opening and closing the case is very easy, i don’t need to use any force or nails to open it, but it also doesn’t open on its own when you travel with it.

Final thoughts: This is the case I’m currently using! It meets my personal needs for travel with Apple Pencil Gen 2, I don’t need any extra slots, but if you do you can choose different versions of this case with more slots (“Customized” version seems perfect for Gen 1). It does not cost as much as other cases. I love it!


– Apple Pencil Holders (attached to iPad’s case)


5. Mikikit Silicone Pencil Case

Check out the Mikikit Silicone Pencil Case

Got this one out of curiosity. It’s an elastic, Silicone holder, the band is silicone too. It looks clean and professional, saw some reviews that people like it, however there are some things that I don’t like.It’s not easy to pull out the pencil from this holder. Now, I have a gen 2, and already feel like it’s difficult, so taking into consideration that gen 1 is a bit longer than gen 2, it will be even more troublesome to get the pencil out from the case.
Also, I’m not quite satisfied with the rubber band, it looks like after some usage it can snap if you stretch it too much.

Final thoughts: a bit difficult to pull out the pencil. There are better cases. Might work for you, but personally, I don’t like this one.

6. Pencil Holder with an elastic band (Goospbery type)

Check out the Goospery Pencil Holder

*warning: I got mine some time ago at a local shop in my area. I searched for it on the internet and found a Goospery Pencil Holder that looks exactly like mine but I’m not sure if that’s the same one I have, hence the generic title. However, I’m adding a link to it in case you are interested in it.

This type of holder is great for carrying the pencil around the house/work. The elastic band stretches, you can easily put it on your iPad and take it off (my iPad is 12.9-inch). It fits my iPad ok, but if you guys own a smaller one, then it might be too loose.

The case itself is very tight, so there’s no chance for the pencil to fall out. But on the other hand, pulling the pen from the case can take you some time… This can be even a disadvantage because if you push your pencil too far into the case, you will have a quite hard time taking it out. I was reading Goospery Penil Holder reviews and saw that some users complaining about this and warning others to not push the pencil all inside. Well, I did this for a test and ended up having to use my teeth to pull it out. So I totally agree with this warning.

Final thoughts: Nevertheless, I don’t regret getting this holder a tiny bit. It’s much better than having your pencil just attached to your iPad’s magnet. I don’t consider it to be good enough to qualify it to be my “travel case” but it’s really nice as something to secure my pencil while walking with my iPad in hand at the office or home.


7. MoKo Pencil Holder

Check out the MoKo Pencil Holder

This holder was bought out of curiosity. It is a Holder with a sticker, and basically, you have to stick it to your ipad’s case. The adhesive is ok, I was afraid that it might fall off, but no, it’s quite strong. So better be 100% sure about the place where you want to stick it.

Its made from an elastic material, stretchy fabric (lycra), that holds the pencil in its place – there’s no chance for the pencil to fall out. Additionally,  because of the stretchy fabric, you can use it for both, gen 1 and gen 2 pencils + apple pencils with sleeves on them. This may be crucial for some of you, because previously reviewed cases couldn’t hold pencils with sleeves on them.

No issues with taking the pencil out; actually, it’s very easy. The one issue I have, and a warning for you, is –  don’t slide your pencil deep inside the holder, because you may tear the fabric with the pencil’s tip after some usage(look at the photo).

It comes in different colors, similar to iPad cases, so if you pick the right color that actually looks like it is built into the iPad case.

Final thoughts: Great! Not for my travels, as I want my pencil to be totally secure from other objects in my bag. But it’s great, I can totally understand why people like it so much, very convenient, and you can use it if your pencil has a sleeve on it! I’m currently using this at home.


–  Cases for pencils with sleeves

8. KUUQA Black Pencil Case

Check out the KUUQA Black Pencil Case

A normal pencil/pen case. However, it’s made from a stiff material, (but not plastic), and doesn’t deform unless you use a lot of force. There are elastic bands inside of the case that keep your pencils in place. I saw people using this case for storing their pencils + cable and iPad charger, or other accessories, like their earphones or a pendrive. Buuut… for my taste, i wouldn’t use it for storing the pencil + iPad charger, It is a bit too shallow, the pencil needs to be squeezed into the corner, otherwise, you won’t be able to close the case. I’d suggest to store the iPad charger in a different place.

But if you have a stylus, your apple pencils have a sleeve on it, any other accessories (except the iPad charger) you need to take with you + any normal pen or other art supplies that you want to store – go for it!
Additional point for the pattern on the cover – i like it, it looks good, no scratches or fingerprints are visible.

Final thoughts: A good, stiff, pencil case that can be used to store your apple pencils (with sleeves on them) + additional accesorries.


9. This one was a fail

So here’s another case I saw promoted as a case for apple pencil, and my simple answer is: NO.
I was misled. The purchase does not look like in the product photo when I was purchasing it.  Let it be a warning… If you buy anything on the internet, check photos of other reviewers if that’s possible. It was my mistake I didn’t.

It’s simply too short. It’s sturdy and looks good, but it can’t really fit any apple pencil.
But I keep it and use it as a case for storing my iPad charger + cable, it’s perfect for this task.


10. Pencil Case – smooth cover

This case can hold both apple pencil and iPad charger + some other accessories without any issues. The case is stiff, deforms, only if you use force, It has elastic bans inside that keep your pencil in place. Zip works ok, it’s a totally acceptable pencil case.
There’s only one thing i don’t like it, with is a real shame, otherwise it would be perfect – the appearance. The outside material is something that tries to resemble a sleek leather, it looks like someone wanted to give it a clean look but it totally backfired – you can see on it every fingerprint. You can keep your hands clean, but man, all it takes is to touch your face (we normally produce sebum to protect our skin) and then touch this case. I haven’t thrown it to my bag yet, but I believe that after some use it would be scratched.

I’m thinking about a solution for this… I’m gonna cover it with stickers.

Final thoughts: Good, but the material outside will wear out quickly. Can store both apple pencil + iPad charger and cable. Avoid smooth material cases.


I plan to add more cases over time, there are a few I definitely want to review, but have to search first if I can get them locally (I live in Poland, and waiting for orders from the USA is a pain). So, the article is still a work in progress, if you have any suggestions, have a case that you think is worth mentioning, let me know!

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