List of Color Palette Tools

Have you ever had problems with finding the perfect color combination for your design? If the answer is yes, then this article will help you with your work. Here you will find tools that will provide you inspiration and guide to which color combinations will look good in your project.

Why it’s so important to choose the right color?

Many studies have shown that color plays an important role in product branding, and it impacts how people are perceiving the product. For example, you won’t use pink in the project design for men shampoo, right? Of course, you can do that, but will it appeal to men? Probably not much.

Colors have symbolic meaning, and we have to keep that in mind while creating our project. For another example, we can look at color red – it’s associated with energy, aggression and love. It’s so much associated with the Valentine’s day, that I can’t imagine creating a graphic image for a Valentine’s day without using this color.
Just watch out for how the colors are perceived in different cultures. Mostly the biggest differences are between the “west world” and Asia. For funerals, people in Europe wear black clothes, but in Japan, they wear white – so if you are designing a project that will be used globally, better watch out not to make any faux pas by using unsuitable colors for your design.

What are palette colors?

Color Palette is a collection of colors and tools for use in paint and illustration programs.
Many artists before they start to paint prepare a color palette first, which they will use for creating their artwork. In case of digital painting, there are often built-in tools for creating a color palette in software. However, it’s often common for artists to just put their colors on one layer, placing them somewhere on the side of the artwork, and using a “color pick” tool on them if needed – it speeds up the workflow.


How do I choose a color palette?

Decide what your graphic has to present. If you already have the main color which you will use in your design, then check out suggested color palettes that include the main color. Many of the listed websites provide variations of color palettes specially created for your defined color.


List of the color palette tools and websites


Visit Design-seeds official website

Design-seeds is one of my most favorite tools. It’s especially useful for illustrators.

The principal and owner of Seed is Jessica Colaluca. Having worked as a designer and color specialist for companies including Ford, Reebok, and Timberland, she has a depth of professional experience married with color intuition that has fortified her skill set through Design Seeds. Media acknowledgments include Mashable naming Jessica #3 of 21 leading online influencers in their “must-follow Pinterest users” list, and Refinery29 included her in their list of top 10 Pinterest influencers.

You may use Design Seeds colors in creating designs, illustrations, or crafts.


Visit Colorfavs official website

Generate beautiful color palettes from images, urls or randomly.
ColorFavs was designed and developed by Deron Sizemore.
Colorfavs is a place that made it easy to create and discover new colors and palettes for all of your projects.
It will help you to find complimentary colors and color conversions. Right now, you can find here 171,340 Palettes and 10,316,024 Unique Colors.



Visit Paletton’s official website

Paletton is an online application located on the internet at It provides a powerful tool to create color combinations and palettes of colors that work together well. The major advantage of Paletton is it’s not using the modern computer and engineering RGB color space, but it’s built on a classical artistic color wheel, applies classical color theory and works within a specially created RYB color space. Therefore the color combinations it produces are very different from those you can get in many computer graphic applications.


Visit Coloors official website

Coloors website allows you to create your own color palette in a few simple clicks. It also gives you an option to generate a color palette based on your uploaded image. Of course, you can also browse and use default color palettes created by the website users. Use Filter tags to find the right color palette among the thousand color schemes.


Visit Colorhunt’s official website

Color Hunt is a free and open platform for color inspiration with thousands of trendy hand-picked color palettes


Canva’s color palette generator

Visit Canva’s color palette generator website

With Canva’s color palette generator, you can create color combinations in seconds. Simply upload a photo, and they’ll use the hues in the photo to create your palette.


Visit Mycolor color palette generator website

A color palette website that allows you to generate the color palette with just one click. My color also gives you a possibility to generate a CSS Color Gradient.

If you know any other useful websites, let me know!

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