HAIR brushes for Procreate [Free and Premium]

Looking for HAIR brushes for Procreate? In this list, you will find Premium and FREE brush sets that will help you draw realistic hair – straight, curly hair, braids – and even brows and eyelashes. Check it out!

This list is solely dedicated to human hair brushes – if you are looking for animal fur brushes, you can find them here: FUR brushes for PROCREATE.

I hope this list will help you to find the right brushes!


Quick list – Best Ink brushes for PROCREATE:

  1. Straight Hair Brushes by Art with Flo
  2. Curly Hair Brushes by Art with Flo
  3. Procreate Hair Brushes by Mels brushes
  4. Dual Pack Procreate by Vegalia
  5. Hair Brushes by KsTumanova
  6. Curly Hair by MakeMoreArt
  7. 230 Hair brushes for Procreate by LightStoreArt
  8. Procreate Eyelash & Brows Makeup Stamp Brushes
  9. 20 Hair brushes for Procreate by Sundrameda
  10. Anime Hair brush pack for Procreate by Attki
  11. Juicy Hair Brush Set
  12. Hair Brushes for Procreate by Ali mohammad Fakhri
  13. Hair Set by Backstain [FREE]
  14. Hair brushes pack by Crazysnakelady[FREE]
  15. Hair Brushes by “Di” [FREE]
  16. Deluxe Hair Brushes by “bybaobab” [FREE A B and PREMIUM]
  17. Hair Brushes by BasicX [FREE A B ]


List of Procreate Hair Brushes

The sets are made specifically for the Procreate app, and won’t work in other software. If there are alternative versions of a certain brush set that work in other software, I add the info and link in the brush set’s description.

I will be honest, it was difficult for me to create this list because of how many interesting and great brush sets are out there – it was hard to choose which ones I should include.
So I decided to focus on diversity, list here various brushes (not only these ones for drawing realistic hair), so the artists who have more comic art styles could find something that would be more suitable for them.

You will find here also sets that are specifically for curls and braids, which are perfect for painting portraits of people who for example – come or have ancestry from African ethnic groups.
I can’t lie, I always had trouble with drawing the “afro” haircut and making it look realistic. If you are struggling like me at drawing very curly hair, they will be a great time-saver.

In each description I tried to include some info about the author, or add a link to their website – you can often see there their artworks, and illustrations that were created with brushes from the listed brush set. Please remember to show them some appreciation 🙂


1. Straight Hair Brushes by Art with Flo

View brushes (9)

Zipped File Size: 6.67 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

Here’s a brush set created by an artist, who I already mentioned in my previous articles – Floortje (aka Flo).
She created a set that includes about 9 brushes dedicated to drawing realistic hair – it has basically everything that you need for drawing straight hair: from very basic brushes that help you to paint the “base” to brushes for adding texture and drawing the details ( like a loose strand of hair). There are also brushes dedicated specifically for darkening and lightening the hair.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that if you are a beginner, Flo added a brief description of each brush about what you can use it for – this will help you to paint the hair, so better read it before using the brushes. She also advises to start out with the hair block in brushes to paint the basic shape of the hair and then start adding details with textured hair brushes.

By the way, Flo runs a Youtube channel where she publishes tutorials about painting in Procreate and Photoshop. Here’s one of her tutorials about drawing hair- 5 great tips that will help you with painting hair!

If you find these brushes and video interesting, I recommend you to check out also her website 🙂


2. Curly Hair Brushes by Art with Flo

View brushes (14)

Zipped File Size: 40 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

Here’s a second set created by Flo. However, the main difference is that it includes curly hair brushes and braids, which the previous brush pack lacks.

So if you are looking for something that will help you easily paint braids and curly hair, this is the right one you should look at. Here’s a quick summary what this pack includes:

  • 6 awesome curly brushes to create realistic curly hair easily
  • 2 braid brushes for easy braid creation in a single stroke
  • Soft straight hair brushes for blending, adding details, and individual hairs

Plus – it’s an excellent addition if you already have the first pack.


3. Procreate Hair Brushes by Mels brushes

View brushes(20)

Zipped File Size: 18.2 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

“Procreate Hair Brushes” is another brush set created by Mel which I mention on this blog. I stumbled upon Mel’s brush sets a while ago, when I was gathering info for the list of Fur brushes for Procreate and found her set of animal fur and hair.

So what makes this brush set stand out in comparison to others? It’s the brushes dedicated to drawing beard!

But first (before I start gushing over the beard brushes), the overall summary.
In this pack we have about 20 brushes, which can be divided into 3 groups: base layer brushes to begin painting – brushes for drawing strands, highlights, lowlighter – and brushes for drawing details, such as lashes, eyebrows, beards, body hair. A nice, simple, and basic set for starters. There’s a txt file attached to this pack – “How to Install Brushes in Procreate.txt”.

As I mentioned previously, the beard brushes are worth the attention here. Other sets I saw simply lack such brushes. I was able to find packs with “lashes” and “brows”, curly hair, braids, “ready hairstyles” stamps, but no sets that would help me with drawing body hair. Personally, I think it’s a great addition to your set, not just for drawing beards, but I see them as perfect brushes for adding details of balding / extremely shortly cut hair.

If you find this set interesting, then I encourage you to check out Mel’s website: You can find her other brush sets, and even some freebies, like this one: Free Fur and Hair PNG Graphics 🙂


4. Dual Pack Procreate Premium Braid/Twist and Curl/Wave Brushes By. Vegalia

View brushes(100+)

Software compatibility: Procreate | Procreate pocket
This brush set popped out when I was looking for brushes specifically dedicated to drawing braids. It’s a combination of two separate sets (curls | braids) that purchased together in this pack save you 10% of the price.

The variety of different braid and curl brushes makes this set perfect for artists who have various art styles. It has outlined brushes that suit better the “comic” styles, and there are also brushes more suitable for drawing realistic hair.

If you have any troubles with downloading these brushes or using them, you can ask the author for help (Vegalia’s email is on the brushes page).

Vegalia created also other brush sets and even coloring books (digital and physical) – if you are interested, you can check out her website for more info:


5. Hair Brushes by KsTumanova | Braids | Bangs | Curly | Edges |

Ksenia Tumanova’s Etsy shop is currently put on hold

*There are separate brush packs in this section.
I checked out the Etsy to see what it has to offer, and that’s how I found Ksenia Tumanova. I already had many sets listed before I found her brushes, and thought that the list is long enough and I won’t be adding anything more before publishing.

However, after Investigating Ksenia’s Etsy account, I can’t leave these awesome sets without any mention!

View brushes

  • 15 Procreate braids brushes for easy drawing realistic braids on iPad.


View brushes

  • Amazing 28 Procreate bangs stamps for easy and fast create 14 realistic bangs.


View brushes

  • 30 Procreate curly hair texture brushes for easy and fast drawing curly hair on iPad.


View brushes

  • 30 Procreate slayed edges stamps for easy and fast drawing hairstyle on iPad.

I will leave this post without adding more details right now, as I don’t want to bore you too much – each set has a quick video review on its Etsy page, where you can see what a certain pack has to offer. I recommend you to check out the “braids” brushes, it is so satisfying to watch them in action!

6. Curly Hair by MakeMoreArt

View brushes (21)

Zipped File Size: 129.84 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

Need to draw braids in a few seconds? The help has arrived!
Literally, you will be able to paint curly hair with just one stroke, and create bangs with one click. And it’s thanks to MakeMoreArt who provides us a pack of 21 one brushes that imitate braids and curls, stamps of bangs + gems for decoration.

In more detail, you will find here various brushes, from natural hair curls to stylized ones, there are also brushes that look like hair that was just untangled from a braid. This is one of the sets you should pay attention to if you have trouble with painting curly hair. There’s also a brush imitating “straight” hair, so no worries if you will need to paint straight hair.

Here’s a quick demo:

By the way, you can check out other brush sets here:, and if you are curious about the artist who stands behind the creation of these sets, take a look at their Instagram page!


7. 230 Hair brushes for Procreate by LightStoreArt

View brushes (230)

Software compatibility: Procreate

Here’s a huuuge brush pack of realistic hair created by Felicia. There’s about 230 brushes, and you will find here such brushes as – Fuller brushes, Curls brushes, Hairstyle stamps and Braids brushes. Currently, it’s one of Felicia’s bestsellers.
The price is incredibly low for such a big set, so if you aim to find the “perfect” realistic hair brush, without the need to tweak its settings – you may find it here.


8. Procreate Eyelash & Brows Makeup Stamp Brushes

View brushes(38)

Software compatibility: Procreate

Apart from the “standard hair brushes” that are gathered here, I also wanted to include another set, that will complement your brushes, and by that, I mean specifically – brows and eyelash brushes.

It’s easy to blow off this matter, however, the beauty lies in the details 😉
Or in balance… well, let me explain. If you are currently focused on finding some realistic hair brushes, don’t forget about the brows. Your portrait will look weird if you dedicate most of your time to detailing hair, and leave the rest… kinda plain, it will look unbalanced in general.

So if you are a beginner, and want to try drawing some realistic portraits, or simply you want to save yourself some time, here’s a pack of 18 Eyelashes and 20 Brows Stamp.


9. 20 Hair brushes for Procreate by Sundrameda

View brushes (20)

Zipped File Size: 6.56 MB
Software compatibility: Procreate

Sundrameda is an artist who loves to paint portraits. You can recognize her artworks by her unique style – she often adds decorative tattoos on the skin of the models in her paintings ( you can check out her Instagram to see the portraits! – )

She’s also one of these artists who make their brushes available to download by others!

The brushes differ in thickness and transparency. There aren’t brushes that will automatically create curls, but they follow the flow of your pen. There are 20 brushes in total.
If you are looking for haircut stamps of brows and eyelashes brushes, check out her gumroad –  !

10. Anime Hair brush pack for Procreate by Attki

View brushes (10)

Zipped File Size: 1.06 MB
Software compatibility: Procreate

Perfect for those who like to do speed-paintings – this set helps you to create highlights with just one click!

I couldn’t wait to start adding the description of this set. Mostly because of my nostalgia – when I began my art journey, manga artworks were my inspiration, and I did draw this exact iconic shine on the hair of my characters 🙂

So as you can see, this pack is solely designed for all artists who have the “anime” or “manga” style of drawing. This certain pack contains 10 brushes, but if you want to try a few of them first, here’s a pack with 3 free brushes to download!

Attki, the creator of this set, has an Instagram account, you can check out her artworks here – Attki_art!


11. Juicy Hair Brush Set

View brushes(15)

Software compatibility: Procreate

This pack looks like a perfect choice for people who like to draw “Splatoon” fanarts 🙂  It differs much from other brush sets, so I was happy to find something that will be perhaps more suitable for other art styles, rather than the “realistic hair” sets I listed here.

It includes 15 brushes that don’t differ much from each other – but it allows you to pick a brush with the right thickness. As you can see in the picture, these brushes can help you to create these “smooth” shades. With the addition of highlights, the hair looks almost like it a liquid.

If you are curious about these brushes, you can see them in action in Alicja’s artworks –!


12. Hair Brushes for Procreate by Ali mohammad Fakhri

View brushes(30)

Software compatibility: Procreate5 *won’t work in procreate pocket (alternative versions: Photoshop )
*This pack doesn’t contain Photoshop, they are available to purchase in separate sets, linked above.

I’ve been checking out Artstation, to see if there are any interesting brush sets. And indeed, I found brush sets created by  Ali mohammad Fakhri, that I think can be useful to you.

In comparison to other sets, this one doesn’t have brushes that allow you to create a curl or braid with one stroke. It’s more suitable for artists who want to have more control while drawing the hair, but just need a brush with the right settings that will help them draw more realistic-looking hair.

In this pack, you will find 30 brushes + 3 additional brushes as a gift. Also, there’s a separate version of this set, made available for use in Photoshop.

13. Hair Set by Backstain [FREE]

View brushes(15)

Zipped File Size: 3.43 MB
Software compatibility: Procreate

If you need a brush set with additional brows stamps, check out the brush set created by Backstain!
It has 10 hair brushes and 5 brows stamps that can be used only for personal use (so better contact Backstain if you want them to use in your commercial projects).
You can download this pack for free, but Gumroad has also an option for donation – so if you like these brushes please donate to support Backstain!
By the way, you can check out Backstain artworks on her Instagram – @back.stain !


14. Hair brushes pack by CrazyladySnake [FREE]

View brushes(6)

File Types Included: .BRUSH
Software compatibility: Procreate
This pack is quite small with simple brushes – but hey, it’s free to download! And it may come in handy, not only for drawing hair.

I tried to find the creator of these brushes, and noticed that they were also mentioned on Procreate Folio’s forum, and “Crazysnakelady” was the one who shared them. Unfortunately, there’s not much information about these brushes or who created them, but certainly, there are many artists who put them to good use.


15. Hair Brushes by “Di” [FREE]

View brushes (10)

Zipped File Size: 7.72 MB
File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate

Here are some free 10  samples of a bigger pack (21 brushes). It contains basic brushes such as “soft hair”, “straight hair”, “short hair” + “disheveled straight hair” and “Curly hair” which is also perfect for painting fur.

Di recorded a video where she shows how these brushes look in action:

You can find Di’s other brushes on her gumroad – she publishes a small pack of free samples To every brush set created, so If you like to try out a few brushes before you purchase the whole set, you should definitely check out her store!


16. Deluxe Hair Brushes by “bybaobab” [FREE and PREMIUM]

View brushes(65)

File Types Included: .BRUSHSET
Software compatibility: Procreate
Additional info: FREE samples available to download: Set 1 | Set 2

At the beginning of gathering this list, I found free separate brush packs created by baobab, but while looking for more pieces of information, I found a combined set of these complete brush sets. So I decided to create just one section for all of these brush sets.

As I mentioned, the pack “Deluxe Hair Brushes” is a combination of two sets: set 1 and set 2 – where set 1 contains more diverse brushes + has stamps, and 2 set that gives you more “smooth”, simple brushes. There are 65 brushes in total.
You can download 2 brush pack samples of these sets separately, the direct links are placed in the “Additional info”.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Baobab created a fur brush set that contains about 50 fur brushes. So if you like the sets listed above, then you might want to check out this one too.

Ps. Baobab has an Instagram account, you can see more brush sets here:

17. Hair Brushes by BasicX [FREE]

View brushes(5) | View brushes V2(5)

File Types Included: .BRUSHSET

Here I listed also 2 packs of brushes together, both published by BasicX. The brush packs are available to download separately, for free.
If you already tried them and happen to like these brushes, I have some god news – these packs are free samples from other premium brush packs which can be found on gumroad: “32 Hair brushes” and “22 Hair brushes + 1 Hair Stamp“.



Do you know a hair brush set that is worth recommending?

If yes, please let me know in the comments 🙂  Thank you for your time and for reading this article. I’m working on other lists that hopefully you will find useful. So if you have any topic in your mind, or have troubles with finding certain brushes, just let me know!


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