20 Art Styles Challenge

Another art meme is taking over the internet! 20 art styles challenge – test your drawing skills and draw your own character in 20 different art styles!

Have you ever tried to mimic another artist’s style? Or – were you wondering, if you have your own, recognizable style of drawing? 

I did. And I didn’t consider myself as someone having his own unique style of drawing – I like to draw manga-styled drawings, as well as hyper-realistic portraits.
Until I posted a quick sketch on Instagram, and my friend pointed out that she recognizes my old style in the sketch.

I bet you know this situation, where you look a certain artwork and think – “oh, that’s definitely *name of the artist* drawing. It’s her style”. And maybe just like me, you also think that your art style isn’t unique? Then I have the right art challenge for you 🙂

So, do you want to see how your art style differs from other artists? Join the 20 art styles challenge!


What is 20 art styles challenge?

20 art styles challenge – is an art challenge where your task is to draw the same character/or yourself in 20 different art styles.

It’s a popular art challenge posted on Instagram and other social media with hashtags: #20stylechallenge #20styles and hashtags of the art styles they used in the challenge.

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The 20 art styles challenge template

I’ve created a template for 20 art styles challenge. It’s a PSD file you can download it for free and modify if needed.

Download 20 Art Styles Challenge template


Click on the link above to download the PSD template. Each logo is on a different layer, you can remove them and add the logo you want. In this case, I gathered some most often used art styles in this challenge and searched for logos.

*Info: If you don’t have Photoshop, you can open the file with

It’s basically a simple version of PS based online. You can see a quick explanation of how to use a similar template and Photopea in this article: Art vs Artist template

20 art style challenge list:

I’ve gathered most often used art styles in the challenge. Below you will find the list and logos. I also included images below each logo, so you could look at the art style without the need to search it on google.

If there’s any art style I didn’t mention, please let me know in the comments!


Studio Ghibli style


Steven Universe style

Adventure Time style

Gravity falls style


Star vs forces of evil style

Tim Burton style

Card Captor Sakura style


Disney style style


Dragon Ball Z style


One Punch Man style

Gorillaz style


My Little Pony style

Sweet Sins style

Osomatsu style


Powerpuff Girls style

Powerpuff Girls Z style

Pokemon style


Sailor Moon style

Soul Eater style


Mob psycho 100 style


Over the garden wall style

Teen Titans style


Gumball style

Naruto style


Boku no hero academia ( My Hero Academia) style

One-piece style

Scott Pilgrim style





20 Art Styles Challenge artworks



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