Graphic Tablet Wacom Intuos is not working – solutions

Recently I had some problems with my graphic tablet – Wacom Intuos 4, and read tons of forum threads to find a solution. I even reached out to Wacom support, but they didn’t know the solution either. Luckily, I managed to fix my problem with Intuos, and decided to create an article with my solution, and gather other pieces of advice that might work for you.

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First, I will describe my problem. I have Windows 7 system, and suddenly it stopped to recognize my pen tablets. I’m not sure what happened, I turned off all updates to avoid such situations, but I guess there was some weird update that caused this. Here’s a part of my message to Wacom support:

“A few days ago my tablet stopped to work. I also have a Huion signature tablet, apparently, it also stopped to work properly. I have Windows 7 (version KB2685811), I don’t remember installing any updates lately. While turning on the laptop, the tablet’s led turned on for a second, went out, and stopped to respond. Also, Windows received an information about the tablet connected via USB but didn’t recognize the device.

I uninstalled the tablet drivers. Both tablets work. Unfortunately, I have a problem with installing the drivers. I tried to install “WacomTablet_6.3.27-2” and “WacomTablet_6.3.25-5” drivers. Each time after the installation, the tablet started to behave as I described above. I tried to use CCleaner, to clean the registry, but with no luck.

Right now, the Wacom Intuos works ok without drivers, Windows recognizes it as a “mouse” device. I’m a bit confused since it worked perfectly fine with the drivers I mentioned.

*I didn’t installed Huion drivers yet.

* Same thing with Intuos happened on my friend’s laptop, also Windows 7″

On a forum (I’m sorry, I don’t remember the name) someone said that his tablet also didn’t work properly and that it was caused by Window’s update.

Here are the steps I decided to take to fix my problem:

1. I decided to uninstall the update version KB2685811,

2. Uninstalled all tablet drivers,

3. Used Ccleaner to remove the junk I wasn’t aware of,

4. Turn the PC off and on,

5. Installed the wacom Intuos different drivers.

I installed WacomTablet_6.3.20-7, and the tablet finally started to respond properly.

You can download the drivers here: WACOM website

And here are the exact drivers I tested with my Wacom Intuos: WacomTablet_6.3.20-7 | WacomTablet_6.3.30-2 | pro617-3_int (it worked in the past).

If you have problem with your Wacom tablet, try reaching out to their support – forum


Other solutions:

Thread | ATX Coder:

I am running Windows 8.1 with a Wacom Intuos Draw

For me the I kept getting the “Tablet driver is not responding”. Rebooting did not seem to help. I looked into the event viewer and saw some errors with the “WTabletServiePro”, specifically about it already running. This lead me start up “Task Manager” and kill every instance of Wacom, Wacom Tablet, and related Wacom services I could find running. After that I did a Start > Run > Services.msc and started the “Wacom Professional Services” service. Once the service started I was able to open the Wacom Desktop Center and Wacom Properties with no issue.

Please note, that if your tablet is not responding at all, it might be a problem with the USB port.

I had to give my tablet to repair, luckily I didn’t have to send it to Wacom, an IT spec repaired it. Older Wacom tablets are known for having issues with USB ports.

Let me know if you managed to fix your tablet!


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